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interprocess communication between Python and kdb+
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This project is in maintenance mode. We may fix bugs, but no new features will be added in foreseeable future.


qPython is a Python library providing support for interprocess communication between Python and kdb+ processes, it offers:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous queries
  • Convenient asynchronous callbacks mechanism
  • Support for kdb+ protocol and types: v3.0, v2.6, v<=2.5
  • Uncompression of the IPC data stream
  • Internal representation of data via numpy arrays (lists, complex types) and numpy data types (atoms)
  • Supported on Python 2.7/3.4/3.5/3.6 and numpy 1.8+

For more details please refer to the documentation.


To install qPython from PyPI:

$ pip install qpython

Please do not use old PyPI package name: exxeleron-qpython.

Building package


qPython documentation is generated with help of Sphinx document generator. In order to build the documentation, including the API docs, execute: make html from the doc directory.

Documentation is built into the: doc/build/html/ directory.

Compile Cython extensions

qPython utilizes Cython to tune performance critical parts of the code.


  • Execute: python build_ext --inplace

Build binary distribution


  • Execute: python bdist


qPython uses py.test as a test runner for unit tests.


  • Make sure that top directory is included in the PYTHONPATH
  • Execute: py.test


qPython requires numpy 1.8 to run.

Optional requirements have to be met to provide additional features:

  • tune performance of critical parts of the code:
    • Cython 0.20.1
  • support serialization/deserialization of pandas.Series and pandas.DataFrame
    • pandas 0.14.0
  • run Twisted sample:
    • Twisted 13.2.0
  • build documentation via Sphinx:
    • Sphinx 1.2.3
    • mock 1.0.1

Required libraries can be installed using pip.

To install all the required dependencies, execute: pip install -r requirements.txt

Minimal set of required dependencies can be installed by executing: pip install -r requirements-minimal.txt

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