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Example of a CRUD application in Symfony2

This is a very basic example of a CRUD application in Symfony2 using a MySQL database to store the data.


You can install the application using composer, if you don't have composer installed you can execute the following command to download it from the official web site:

curl -s | php

And then you can execute the install command:

php composer.phar install

All the required libraries will be stored in the vendor folder.

Configure the database

This Symfony2 application uses a MySQL database to store post entities of a blog web site. You need to edit the app/config/parameters.yml and configure the credentials for the database access. After this step you can execute the following doctrine commands to create the database and the table.

php app/console doctrine:database:create
php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force

Run the application

You can run the application using a web server, for instance creating a vhost to publish the app folder. If you are using PHP 5.4+ you can use the internal web server of PHP executing the following command:

php app/console server:run

This command will execute the PHP internal web server on localhost with default port 8000. You can access the application using pointing your browser to the URL http://localhost:8000. To access the CRUD features of the application you need to go to http://localhost:8000/post.