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@@ -4,21 +4,43 @@ A gem that provides resources and providers for deploying ruby web apps from che
Uses the same directory layout as capistrano and steals the git remote cached deploy strategy
-from cap and adapts it to work without cap and under chef
+from cap and adapts it to work without cap and under chef. Not all options are required but they
+are all shown here as an example.
- deploy "/data/#{app}" do
+ deploy "/data/myrackapp" do
repo "git://"
branch "HEAD"
user "ez"
+ role "app_master"
enable_submodules true
migrate true
migration_command "rake db:migrate"
environment "production"
shallow_clone true
revision '0xbeadbeef'
+ restart_command "touch tmp/restart.txt" # "monit restart all -g foo", etc.
action :deploy # or :rollback
-Currently only supports doing the cached git checkout, rsyncing it into place and doing the symlink dance.
-Does not restart servers or have hooks(yet)
+Chef-deploy is backwards compatible with capistrano in the fact that it uses the same exact filesystem layout.
+You can deploy with cap on top of a chef-deploy system and visca-versca(sic?).
+Chef-deploy hooks:
+If you create a APP_ROOT/deploy directory in your app you can place named hook files in there that will be triggered
+at the appropriate times during the deploy. the hooks are defined as follows:
+ deploy/
+ before_migrate.rb
+ before_symlink.rb
+ before_restart.rb
+ after_restart.rb
+These scripts will be called with two command line params in ARGV:
+ruby before_migrate.rb production app_master
+Where ARGV[0] is the RAILS_ENV, MERB_ENV or RACK_ENV and ARGV[1] is the role passed in to the deploy resource, this
+can be used to identify certain servers as database, application, cache, etc roles so you can act accordingly

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