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Bibliomap is a tool for real-time viewing in the browser localised usage events generated by ezPAARSE.

How could it be useful ?

  • For real-time monitoring your ezproxy EC consultations
  • For helping ezpaarse adoption in your institution.
  • And just for fun !


Demonstration on the CNRS subscribed electronic ressources usage statistics

Usage options

Expo mode

In expo mode, the description popup will automatically show and hide at determined intervals. To activate it, add expo or e in the querystring. By default, the popup will be shown for 1 minute, then hidden for 10 minutes. To define custom intervals, expo should take two numbers separated by a comma. The first one is the time shown, the second is the time hidden. Times are defined in seconds.


Technical architecture

Bibliomap uses these softwares:

  • bibliomap-harvester for real-time listening lines of log comming from ezproxys
  • bibliomap-enricher listening for bibliomap-harvester data, sending it to ezpaarse and sending the result to you this bibliomap
  • bibliomap-viewer for the front end web interface showing ezPAARSE EC's in real time thanks to websocket protocol
  • protocol for all the communication between these scripts


  • Docker and docker-compose

  • Load the configuration file which define your project settings (setup_*.sh)

Installation and running a quick demo

# Clone the repository
git clone
cd bibliomap

# Load one configuration file
source ./ 
# Or
source ./

# Start the tool
npm start

Then browse to


Installation for developing

# Clone all the required repositories
git clone
cd bibliomap
git clone
git clone
git clone

# Load one configuration file
source ./ 
# Or
source ./

# Install dependencies & Start the tool
npm run install
npm run start-debug

Then browse to

Whenever you want you can git pull all the git repositories using one command:

npm run pull


To upgrade to the latest version of bibliomap-harvester, bibliomap-enricher, and bibliomap-viewer in the docker-compose.yml, just git clone all of these into your bibliomap/ folder (see just above) and run this command:

npm version patch


Bibliomap is a tool for real-time viewing in the browser géolocalized usage events generated by ezPAARSE.




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