@yannickroger yannickroger released this Apr 4, 2017 · 325 commits to master since this release

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List of changes since v1.8.1.

eZ packages updates

Please follow links for details.

Dependencies changes


  • Add ezsystems/ezplatform-multi-file-upload package (#170, EZP-27191)
  • Add config (#169, EZP-27060)
  • [Composer] Fix dev dependency on js-translation-bundle when 2.6.4 contains all commits from master
  • Add auth.json to .gitignore
  • Switch to HTTPS (cherry picked from commit 80894b3d401a0383fc160640045674422aa9ac1b)
  • [Composer] Update requriments for next release
  • [Yaml] Fixed deprecated usage of unquoted %parameters%

Third party packages updates

Package Version change
composer/ca-bundle Newly added 1.0.7
league/flysystem 1.0.35..1.0.37
monolog/monolog 1.22.0..1.22.1
oneup/flysystem-bundle 1.11.0..1.12.0
pagerfanta/pagerfanta v1.0.4..v1.0.5
paragonie/random_compat v2.0.9..v2.0.10
sensio/framework-extra-bundle v3.0.23..v3.0.25
sensio/generator-bundle v3.1.3..v3.1.4
sensiolabs/security-checker v4.0.1..v4.0.4
symfony/monolog-bundle v2.12.1..v3.1.0
symfony/swiftmailer-bundle v2.5.3..v2.5.4
twig/twig v1.32.0..v1.33.0
willdurand/js-translation-bundle dev-master..2.6.4