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@andrerom andrerom released this Aug 22, 2017 · 194 commits to 2019.03 since this release

New legacy release, with support for PHP7*, and for running more seamlessly with eZ Platform.

This release is for use by Community users as well as eZ Platform Enterprise users alike, aiming to simplify the lives of everyone still using legacy, and getting back to having one code base to contribute to as opposed to across forks.


This release contains several security patches and general bug fixes previously exclusively published for eZ Publish Enterprise users during time frame when eZ was not maintaining this community repository. And is thus a strongly recommended upgrade for anyone using other community releases (2014.xx, older dev-master or community forks)!

Starting with this release eZ is now co-maintaining this repository with community, and will apply it's standard security handling for future releases here. Meaning eZ Enterprise subscribers will get access to security micro releases, and a few weeks later those patches will be made available and applied here to all at the same time as the security information is publicly disclosed.


  • For new features in this release, see 2017.08 milestone.
    • BC Note: To avoid usage with older Platform install which does not have these features, this release can only be installed with eZ Platform 1.11 and higher.
  • For full change log since 2015.01, see full change log.

* NOTE: Like in recent update of eZ Publish Platform 5.4LTS, the support for PHP7 has limitations and caveats you should be aware of: The deprecation errors are however fixed in upcoming 2017.10 release.

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