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tenshi 0.17 README Copyright (c) Andrea Barisani


tenshi is a log monitoring program, designed to watch one or more log files for lines matching user defined regular expressions and report on the matches. The regular expressions are assigned to queues which have an alert interval and a list of mail recipients.

Please read the example tenshi.conf and tenshi.8 man page for usage instructions.

tenshi was formerly known as wasabi. The name was changed to tenshi after we were informed that wasabi is a registered trademark relating to another piece of software.

It should be noted that tenshi was initially a perl rewrite of Oak (


To install tenshi, add a user and group named tenshi. As root:

$ make install

Please read the manual before running tenshi to make sure you understand its operation and that you satisfy the REQUIREMENTS section. Then edit the configuration file /etc/tenshi/tenshi.conf according to your preferences.

Examples init scripts for OpenRC (Gentoo) and Debian are provided.


Consider the following settings in tenshi.conf:

set hidepid on

set queue mail     tenshi@localhost sysadmin@localhost [0 */12 * * *]
set queue misc     tenshi@localhost sysadmin@localhost [0 */24 * * *]
set queue critical tenshi@localhost sysadmin@localhost [now]

group ^ipop3d:

mail ^ipop3d: Login user=(.+)
mail ^ipop3d: Logout user=(.+)
mail ^ipop3d: pop3s SSL service init from (.+)
mail ^ipop3d: pop3 service init from (.+)
mail ^ipop3d: Command stream end of file, while reading.+
mail ^ipop3d: Command stream end of file while reading.+

critical ^ipop3d: Login failed.+

trash ^ipop3d:.+


critical ^sudo: (.+) : TTY=(.+) ; PWD=(.+) ; USER=root ; COMMAND=(.+)

misc .*

Every ipop3d message not matched by the regexps assigned to the queue mail or critical will be matched by the queue trash (a builtin null queue), any other message will be matched by queue misc. Fields enclosed in (.+) are masked.

This is a sample report for the mail queue (sent every 12 hours):

    79: ipop3d: Login user=___
    74: ipop3d: Logout user=___

    30: ipop3d: Login user=___
    30: ipop3d: Logout user=___
    19: ipop3d: pop3 service init from ___
    12: ipop3d: pop3s SSL service init from ___
    1: ipop3d: Command stream end of file while reading line user=??? []
    1: ipop3d: Command stream end of file, while reading authentication []

These are sample reports for the critical queue (sent every time a message matches the regexp):

    1: /usr/bin/sudo: ___ : TTY=___ ; PWD=___ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/dmesg

    1: /usr/bin/sudo: ___ : TTY=___ ; PWD=___ ; USER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/bash

    1: ipop3d: Login failed user=admin auth=admin []

    1: ipop3d: Autologout user=??? []


  • Perl.

  • A working tail implementation, when using the logfile option.

  • The Net::SMTP perl module to mail reports, typically included in perl installations.

  • The IO::BufferedSelect perl module.

  • The Redis perl module, when using the redisqueue option.

Any missing module can be downloaded from CPAN ( or installed using the CPAN shell (perl -e shell -MCPAN).


The tenshi repository is hosted at

Please report any bugs you find at