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Extension::SensibleFeed - a feed of articles rather than patches.

This adds a .feed action to a mojomojo wiki, it needs to be in @INC when the db is deployed, when the wiki is started, and when you run mojomojo_cli.

TODO: There is currently no UI for the feed, but comes with some extra ::Commands to go with mojomojo_cli ( found in f00li5h/mojomojo-tools )

The plugins allow you to: - add pages to the feed (optionally specifying dates) - import ids and mod dates from an existing feed (incase your blog disappeared without warning, and all you have is the feedbuner mirror of your old rss feed)


I would say this software is alpha grade, but that would give alpha software a bad name. it worked for me though ^_^


  1. clone the repo (to somewhere with the rest of your mojomojo stuff, most likely)
  2. put lib/ it in PERL5LIB
  3. call yep, you need to create the database again, since this contains a MojoMojo::Schema::Result TODO: I will include directions to use ::DeploymentHandler here when I figure it out
  4. check that a table called page_in_feed is created (since that's where the feed looks)
  5. make sure lib/ is also in @INC for your mojomojo instance (so the ::Extensions::SensibleFeed is seen/loaded by MojoMojo)
  6. hit http://yourwiki/.feed and receive a blank, nearly useless atom feed (with your wiki's name in the title)
  7. now you can mess around with mojomojo_cli to get stuff into your feed... the commands this package provides are all called sf_*