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Fedor Borshev's dotfiles

This is a repo for my OS X dotfiles. Bootstrap is based on the awesome dotbot.


git clone .dotfiles
cd .dotfiles

Homebrew and fish shell are bootstrapped automatically in case you have them not installed. After installation you have to switch you shell, as described here.

If you are going to use vim, do not forget to run vim -c "PlugInstall".

Attention! The install script has to remove your existing fisherman configuration.



The shell is Fish. Plugin management is powered by fisherman.

The clear and minimal fish prompt is called teapot: teapot

To use this colors you have to switch iTerm2 color to Dark Solarized (Prefereces -> Profiles -> Colors).


My vim configuration is pretty basic. If you want to explore it, the main repo is located here.

After installation do not forget to run vim -c "PlugInstall".


This repository ships my configuration for the Karabiner Elements, which i am using to replace the F-keys, which were removed in favour of the shity touchbar on the new macbooks. My modifications:

  • Tilda (~, left to 1 key) is used as a hardware escape button.
  • Caps Lock is used as Ctrl key, Caps lock functionality is disabled.
  • Rewind, play\payse and forward functionality is available through Option-8, Option-9, Option-0 respectively.

My configuration plays well with BetterTouchTool. You can check out my full setup at this blogpost (in russian).

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