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Simple Web chat based on Yaws and Websocket.
Most of the code was cherry-picked from Joe's book (Programming Erlang) and the yaws examples.  

 0) configure ybed.erl: DOCROOT must point to the directory where chat.html is; check the -include: the location of yaws_api.hrl might be somewhere else.
 1) start: ybed_sup:start_link().
 2) browser: http://localhost:7000/chat.html or file:///path_to/chat.html

The standard of WebSocket is under development thus yaws and the browser 
must support the same WS version in order to work correctly.

Tested with yaws 1.91.
 + works with Safari Version 5.1.1 (6534.51.22) but 
 - does NOT with Chrome (15.0.874.102) 
 - probably not with Chrome (14.x).
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