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Explain Me Please

Curated Content Crafted For Your Taste


Not all humans are intellectually, mentally and physically the same. Your learning and understanding depends a lot on your age, education, experience, and many more factors. However, most of the information out on the internet today is the same for all audiences. No wonder this causes a lot of frustration for folks like me.

I am currently a ninth grader. When I got interested in Bitcoin and blockchain technology last year, the journey for knowledge was not easy. Most of the material out there about Bitcoin is written from the writer’s perspective but not from the reader’s level. Many Bitcoin explanatory articles are filled with technological jargon and difficult vocab words.

Soon I realized that this is a general problem for many topics. Try to make sense of any complex topic, such as CRISPR from Wikipedia. It is incredibly confusing unless you are an advanced learner or an expert. But if you are an expert or advanced learner, chance are you are not going to need those pages. Is it not a conundrum?

Explain Me Please is an attempt to solve a big problem: making curated, interactive content targeted for the reader => a reader who could be a curious elementary or middle schooler, a auditory learner, a visual learner, a five-year-old, or a nerd who wants content delivered to his taste in text, audio and video format.

The Plan

I want to make Explain Me Please a new and improved Wikipedia. I plan to keep adding topics from all walks of life at a regular rate.

Current Topics


Complex Math Topics

  • Current International Events
  • Financial Concepts
  • Suggest more ideas using this issue



Things to be done

  • add more visuals
  • add commenting system
  • tweak ui
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