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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs contract-based applications without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. Ethereum blockchain focuses on running the code of any decentralized application.

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xmatthias commented Feb 14, 2020

While ccxt does a great job unifying most functions / settings, not everything is or can be unified.
I think it would be good to provide a separate wiki/documentation page which documents exchange-specific properties.

The behavior is there now and all is working well - but to find it users need to search through issues (which are not easy to navigate) to find certain exchange-specifics - and o

nivida commented Jan 24, 2020

Expected behavior

The path defined for example in the tsconfig file of the web3-providers-http package is misleading and should get corrected if possible in a non-breaking manner.

Actual behavior

The defined path is web3-providers instead of web3-providers-http.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Open a tsconfig file from one of the provider packag
chriseth commented Mar 26, 2020

The type checker contains multiple occurrences of

		if (noErrors)
			for (Source const* source: m_sourceOrder)
				if (source->ast)
					for (ASTPointer<ASTNode> const& node: source->ast->nodes())
						if (ContractDefinition* contract = dynamic_cast<ContractDefinition*>(node.get()))

These should be extracted into some helper "forAllContracts" or something like that, which takes

minexew commented Apr 2, 2020


  • python 3.8
  • capstone 4.0.1
  • ubuntu 18.04 (WSL)


import capstone
md = capstone.Cs(capstone.CS_ARCH_X86, capstone.CS_MODE_32)
md.detail = True

# case 1
# expected: fstcw  WORD PTR [ebp-0x4] (based on Objdump disassembly which round-trips with GNU as)
for insn in md.disasm(b"\x9B\xD9\x7D\xFC", 0):
    print(insn.address, insn.mnemonic, insn.op_str)

Magicking commented Apr 24, 2019

Quorum doesn't return a message error clearly specifying the cause of an error (from a user standpoint) when the transaction manager fails to Quorum (e.g: 400 bad request, ...).

System information

Release: 2.2.3

Expected behaviour

Helpful error message

Actual behaviour

invalid argument 0: json: cannot unmarshal non-string into Go value of type common.Hash

pedrouid commented May 23, 2019

Describe the bug
QR Code Scanner fails to scan input fields on Send Transaction view when scanning QR Code contains an EIP-681 URI

Example URI


To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to Send Transaction view
  2. Click on QR Code scanner
  3. Position QR Code in front of Webcam
  4. QR Code scanner closes
jamesthesken commented Oct 10, 2019

Had a hard time building both Aleth and Solidity, which were getting stuck on make.

Realized I should upgrade my GCC to a more current version, I had the initial configuration of:

  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • GCC/G++ 5.4.0
  • clang version 3.8.0
  • Boost 1.71

I then upgraded to G++ 6.5.0 and it is building successfully.

Ironically I wanted to contribute so I think this is a good starting po

meyer1994 commented Jul 15, 2019

Feature Request

Add more configuration options for storage (IPFS). Command line arguments, for example.


For example, I want to develop my apps using IPFS. But I do not need to use it online. For example, running with --offline flag.

There two main ways to make it:

  • Creating a variable called args in config/storage.js that would store extra argumens for the IPFS i
iamdefinitelyahuman commented Mar 30, 2020

We should expand the contribution guide:

  • Installing test / documentation dependencies
  • Running the tests
  • Detailed explanation of the VIP process
  • Team calls

The Atom contribution guide is an excellent example - some of the content isn't valid for Vyper, but it's a great reference point for what a contribution guide can look

ekilmer commented Feb 21, 2020

It's nice if testing doesn't produce unnecessary artifacts after running with success but keeps relevant info on fail for further inspection.

Pytest should have a nice way of creating fixtures that can post-process a test based on whether it failed or not

If a test fails, then keep the

karlb commented Apr 6, 2020

When I instruct the WebUI to join a token network with 5 TDAI, I get the message

TestDAI network was joined successfully with 5 TDAI

but in my case, only a single channel with a deposit of 1 TDAI has been created. The actual behavior is an expected result of our code for joining a TN. The behavior is already surprising enough, but with this message it clearly looks like a bug to the unsus

Created by Vitalik Buterin

Released July 30, 2015


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