Using server-sent events with Home Assistant.
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Home Assistant Server Sent Events

Home Assistant ships its own very nice web frontend. This prototype shows an option to display values without the possibility of interacting with Home Assistant by the user.

A requirement on the client-side is existing support for the EventSource interface. This means that not all browsers are supported.


It's assumed that your Home Assistant installation is ready before cloning this repository. Change to your local Home Assistant configuration folder .homeassistant and clone this repository.

$ git clone

In the folder www you will find an index.html file and the folder that contains the CSS file.

Open the index.html file and include the entities you want to show on the page in the entities array. Check the "Developer tools" of Home Assistant to retrieve the entity ID. Please replace the periods (dots) with undersores in the entities.

var entities = ['sensor_cpu',

Also set the API password used by your Home Assistant installation.

var source = new EventSource("/api/stream?api_password=YOUR_PASSWORD");

Launch your Home Assistant instance.

$ hass

Now the web site is available at http://[your_hass_host]:8123/local/index.html




home-assistant-sse is licensed under MIT, for more details check LICENSE.