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Build Status

From FakePlasticCriteria renamed to just PlasticCriteria.

The project is licensed under the WTFPL.


For grails 1.3.x

grails install-plugin plastic-criteria

Grails 2.x edit your /grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy

    // (...)
    plugins {
        // (...) another plugins

        // add this line
        test ":plastic-criteria:1.6.1"
    // (...)

Sample usage

package plastic.test

import grails.test.mixin.*

// import mockCriteria() static method
import static plastic.criteria.PlasticCriteria.*

class ProductTests {

    void testSomething() {
        new Product(name: 'Foo', value: 10).save()
        new Product(name: 'Foo', value: 20).save()
        new Product(name: 'Bar', value: 200).save()
        new Product(name: 'Bar', value: 100).save()

        // replace default criteria mock

        def results = Product.withCriteria{
                groupProperty('name') // now you have groupProperty

        assert [['Foo', 30 ], ['Bar', 300]] == results


import static plastic.criteria.PlasticCriteria.*;



Full docs at:

How to Contribute

Edit online!

or clone in your machine

write a test in CriteriaDocTests.groovy run ./wgrails test-app if you see "tests passed" make me a pull request ;-)


Sr. Oshiro, Max Mustang, Danilo Tuler

Special thx

dtamm, frozenspider, srybakov