A project used to convert pages to/from the wiki confluence format and rst
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This project allows converting from RST (Restructured Text) to the Confluence Wiki format
(and Confluence Wiki format to HTML)

License: GPL 3

It's target is doing a one-off conversion of the PyDev homepage to a wiki
(http://pydev.org -> https://wiki.appcelerator.org/display/tis/Python+Development 
-- so, that's the subset it must implement, but having a few manual edits afterwards 
is acceptable). 

At this point, the conversion from RST -> wiki is already finished and there are no plans for
more improvements in this area, however, as this may be useful for others, the code is 
available in GPL 3 and patches are welcome (just note that test cases are required for any
new features added -- as I won't be running the code to really check things again, please 
test extensively before submitting a patch).

The code which updates the PyDev homepage from the generated wiki is available, but it uses
mostly the confluence API to get pages directly as HTML and just pre-processes it as needed
to generate the PyDev homepage.