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cubo design real build

Machine for 3D printing (and laser engraving).

Some members of the FabLab Santander have committed themselves to build the machines of the lab in a co-creation process. This machine is a cubic shape 3D printer with option of laser engraving. This side size of the cube is more or less 500mm. The purpose of the design is to get a big size open source 3D printer, nice-looking, easy to build, robust with metal profiles and standart bearings (not the linear ones...). The main design software is openscad which allow a natural integration in CVS or github software repositories. The design is parametrized as much as possible. The elements choosen for the first version are:

  • RatRig profiles
  • 627 bearings
  • wood/plexiglass plates
  • complex pieces are 3D printed
  • the XY movement follow the "coreXY" scheme (see

Coding conventions for openscad files:

  • try to comment every decision in the design
  • try to use parameters for all dimensions such we have not to redesign when changing one piece dimension.
  • minimize the number of parameters
  • put the parameters at the beginning of the file with explicit names and comments
  • then put the modules to be 3D printed (commented)
  • then put the module called "ensemble" that gather all the pieces
  • then put eventually cut views
  • then put the modules


Machine for 3D printing and laser engraving






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