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F# JSON Type Provider for Fable
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Simple F# JSON Type Provider compatible with Fable.


IMPORTANT: Requires fable-compiler 2.2.0-beta-011 or higher. Beta releases are pushed with "next" tag, so please install them with: npm install fable-compiler@next

You can find a usage sample in the test directory of this repo.

  • First, install the package Fable.JsonProvider from Nuget.
  • Then generate your model using a JSON sample. You can construct instances with other strings at runtime and the compiler will make sure you only access properties according to the original sample.

Please note there're currently no runtime checks to validate the JSON.

type MyJson = Fable.JsonProvider.Generator<"""{
  "foo": 5,
  "bar": ["baz"]

let json = MyJson("""{"foo": 10, "bar": [] }""")
printfn "%.0f" // prints 10

You will notice the provider is still very limited. For example, you must pass a JSON literal as sample, file paths or URLs are not yet supported. Please contribute to make the type provider a great tool for all Fable users!

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