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Fork of e-mission-phone, the e-mission frontend, for the project FabMob "Traceur de mobilité"
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e-mission phone app [Traceur FabMob app]

This is the README for e-mission-phone FabMob

The description and docs of the "Traceur de Mobilités" project for FabMob are here :

The full original README for e-mission-phone is here :

See also the traceur phone do here : based on the e-mission doc repo here :

For end-users:

Please look at the App FAQ on the wiki.

Get the "Traceur de Mobilités" project for FabMob

Clone repository

$ git clone

Add Upstream repository to syncing forked repository

$ cd e-mission-phone-fabmob

$ git remote -v
	origin (fetch)
	origin (push)

$ git remote add upstream

$ git remote -v
	origin (fetch)
	origin (push)
	upstream (fetch)
	upstream (push)

$ git fetch upstream

Updating the e-mission-* plugins or adding new plugins

Get e-mission-phone update

$ git pull upstream master

Update and setup FabMob

$ ./bin/

Setup the config

$ ./bin/configure_xml_and_json.js cordovabuild-fabmob

Install all javascript components using bower

$ bower update

Make sure to install the other node modules required for the setup scripts.

npm install

Setup cocoapods. For all versions > 1.9, we need support. This is used by the push plugin for the GCM pod, and by the auth plugin to install the GTMOAuth framework. This is a good time to get a cup of your favourite beverage.

$ sudo gem install cocoapods
$ pod setup

Restore cordova platforms and plugins

$ cordova prepare

Installation is now complete. You can view the current state of the application in the emulator

$ cordova emulate ios


$ cordova emulate android

Updating the e-mission-phone and the plugins

ATTENTION : it is NOT sufficient to just pull and get an updated config.xml. You have to ensure that the plugins are updated as well - see (see (#325 comment):

Note that by default, updating config.xml (such as by pulling these changes) DOES NOT UPDATE cordova plugins (

Follow these steps:

bin/configure_xml_and_json.js cordovabuild (if using e-mission-phone as the repo) rm -rf platforms rm -rf plugins cordova platform add android (instead of cordova prepare) cordova plugin list (compare the versions to the ones in config.xml) cordova build android

and similar instructions for iOS if needed.

WARNING: A hook modifies (before the build) the OAuth URI, you will need to create a file secret-cloak.key containing a string with maximum 10 characters without uppercases (you can use to generate it) in the folder resources/fabmob/make/ to avoid multiple apps to listen to the same custom URL (as mentioned here If there is no secret-cloak.key file, the hook will use just your application name.

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