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My Sphinx Extensions
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Sphinx Extensions for PHP and Symfony

You can install the extension by:

  • running sudo pip install git+;

  • cloning the project and add sensio to your path (with something like sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath('./path/to/sensio'))).

You can use the following extensions in your file:

  • sensio.sphinx.refinclude
  • sensio.sphinx.configurationblock
  • sensio.sphinx.phpcode
  • sensio.sphinx.bestpractice

To enable highlighting for PHP code not between <?php ... ?> by default:

# loading PhpLexer
from sphinx.highlighting import lexers
from pygments.lexers.web import PhpLexer

# enable highlighting for PHP code not between ``<?php ... ?>`` by default
lexers['php'] = PhpLexer(startinline=True)
lexers['php-annotations'] = PhpLexer(startinline=True)

And here is how to use PHP as the primary domain:

primary_domain = 'php'

Configure the api_url for links to the API:

api_url = ''
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