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Pluggable caching engine to build and scale high performance cache services. See for documentation and more information.

What is CacheLib ?

CacheLib is a C++ library providing in-process high performance caching mechanism. CacheLib provides a thread safe API to build high throughput, low overhead caching services, with built-in ability to leverage DRAM and SSD caching transparently.

Performance benchmarking

CacheLib provides a standalone executable CacheBench that can be used to evaluate the performance of heuristics and caching hardware platforms against production workloads. Additionally CacheBench enables stress testing implementation and design changes to CacheLib to catch correctness and performance issues.

See CacheBench for usage details and examples.


CacheLib has one single version number facebook::cachelib::kCachelibVersion that can be located at CacheVersion.h. This version number must be incremented when incompatible changes are introduced. A change is incompatible if it could cause a complication failure due to removing public API or requires dropping the cache. Details about the compatibility information when the version number increases can be found in the changelog.

Building and installation

CacheLib provides a build script which prepares and installs all dependencies and prerequisites, then builds CacheLib. The build script has been tested to work on CentOS 8, Ubuntu 18.04, and Debian 10.

git clone
cd CacheLib
./contrib/ -d -j -v

# The resulting library and executables:
./opt/cachelib/bin/cachebench --help

Re-running ./contrib/ will update CacheLib and its dependencies to their latest versions and rebuild them.

See build for more details about the building and installation process.


We'd love to have your help in making CacheLib better. If you're interested, please read our guide to contributing


CacheLib is apache licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.

Reporting and Fixing Security Issues

Please do not open GitHub issues or pull requests - this makes the problem immediately visible to everyone, including malicious actors. Security issues in CacheLib can be safely reported via Facebook's Whitehat Bug Bounty program:

Facebook's security team will triage your report and determine whether or not is it eligible for a bounty under our program.

Build status

Clicking on a badge will show you the recent builds for that OS. If your target OS's build is failing, you may check out the latest release. If the release is too stale for you, you may wish to check recent issues and PRs for known workarounds.

  • CentOS 9
  • Rocky Linux 9
  • Ubuntu 22