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A library that analyzes an Android device's specifications and calculates which year the device would be considered "high end”.
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Devices by Year Class Device Year Class

Device Year Class is an Android library that implements a simple algorithm that maps a device's RAM, CPU cores, and clock speed to the year where those combination of specs were considered high end. This allows a developer to easily modify application behavior based on the capabilities of the phone's hardware.

Most Popular Devices by Year Class

Mappings as of this writing (RAM is a ceiling):

RAM condition Year Class
768MB 1 core 2009
2+ cores 2010
1GB <1.3GHz 2011
1.3GHz+ 2012
1.5GB <1.8GHz 2012
1.8GHz+ 2013
2GB 2013
3GB 2014
5GB 2015
more 2016



Download the latest JARs or grab via Gradle:

compile 'com.facebook.device.yearclass:yearclass:2.1.0'

or Maven:


Calculate Device Year Class

Calculating the current device's Year Class is simple.

int year = YearClass.get(getApplicationContext());

Then, later on, you can use the year class to make decisions in your app, or send it along with your analytics.

if (year >= 2013) {
    // Do advanced animation
} else if (year > 2010) {
    // Do simple animation
} else {
    // Phone too slow, don't do any animations

See the yearclass-sample project for more details.

Improve Device Year Class!

See the file for how to help out.


Device Year Class is BSD-licensed. We also provide an additional patent grant.

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