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These projects have been archived and are generally unsupported, but are still available to view and use

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  1. pop Public archive

    An extensible iOS and OS X animation library, useful for physics-based interactions.

    Objective-C++ 19.8k 2.9k

  2. prepack Public archive

    A JavaScript bundle optimizer.

    JavaScript 14.4k 485

  3. AsyncDisplayKit Public archive

    Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

    Objective-C++ 13.5k 2.3k

  4. Shimmer Public archive

    An easy way to add a simple, shimmering effect to any view in an iOS app.

    Objective-C 9.4k 1.1k

  5. react-360 Public archive

    Create amazing 360 and VR content using React

    JavaScript 8.6k 1.3k

  6. caffe2 Public archive

    Caffe2 is a lightweight, modular, and scalable deep learning framework.

    Shell 8.4k 2k



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