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This organization was marked as archived by an administrator on May 8, 2024. It is no longer maintained.

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These projects have been archived and are generally unsupported, but are still available to view and use

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  1. draft-js draft-js Public archive

    A React framework for building text editors.

    JavaScript 22.6k 2.6k

  2. pop pop Public archive

    An extensible iOS and OS X animation library, useful for physics-based interactions.

    Objective-C++ 19.7k 2.9k

  3. flux flux Public archive

    Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

    JavaScript 17.4k 3.5k

  4. prepack prepack Public archive

    A JavaScript bundle optimizer.

    JavaScript 14.2k 427

  5. AsyncDisplayKit AsyncDisplayKit Public archive

    Smooth asynchronous user interfaces for iOS apps.

    Objective-C++ 13.4k 2.2k

  6. stetho stetho Public archive

    Stetho is a debug bridge for Android applications, enabling the powerful Chrome Developer Tools and much more.

    Java 12.7k 1.1k


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  • nailgun Public archive

    Nailgun is a client, protocol, and server for running Java programs from the command line without incurring the JVM startup overhead.

    facebookarchive/nailgun’s past year of commit activity
    Java 733 138 14 11 Updated Feb 15, 2024
  • fbctf Public archive

    Platform to host Capture the Flag competitions

    facebookarchive/fbctf’s past year of commit activity
  • open-graph-protocol Public archive
    facebookarchive/open-graph-protocol’s past year of commit activity
    PHP 408 108 0 16 Updated Oct 16, 2023
  • pci_lmt Public archive

    LMT (Lane Margining Test) is a standard PCIE margining measurement added by PCI-SIG in the PCIe 4.0 specification. This is required mainly to overcome the challenges in delivering a reliable 16GT/s solution. Lane Margining enables system designers to measure the available margin in a standardized manner.

    facebookarchive/pci_lmt’s past year of commit activity
    1 0 0 0 Updated Jul 28, 2023
  • uefisettings Public archive

    The tool to read/get/extract and write/change/modify BIOS/UEFI settings from Linux terminal.

    facebookarchive/uefisettings’s past year of commit activity
    Rust 5 BSD-3-Clause 4 0 0 Updated Jul 19, 2023
  • AttestationFailureAnalysisService Public archive

    A service to run analyzers through a generic API to provide information about reasons of an (remote) attestation failure.

    facebookarchive/AttestationFailureAnalysisService’s past year of commit activity
    Go 1 BSD-3-Clause 3 0 0 Updated Jul 11, 2023
  • fbshipit Public archive

    Copy commits between repositories · git → git, git → hg, hg → hg, or hg → git

    facebookarchive/fbshipit’s past year of commit activity
    Hack 391 MIT 107 10 0 Updated Jun 7, 2023
  • pcicrawler Public archive Forked from opencomputeproject/ocp-diag-pcicrawler

    pcicrawler is a Python based command line interface tool which can be used to display, filter and export information about PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect) or PCIe buses and devices, as well as PCI topology.

    facebookarchive/pcicrawler’s past year of commit activity
    Python 1 MIT 39 0 0 Updated May 11, 2023
  • meta-terragraph Public archive Forked from terragraph/meta-terragraph

    Terragraph is a technology that leverages 60 GHz spectrum to deliver fast, reliable internet.

    facebookarchive/meta-terragraph’s past year of commit activity
    C++ 0 33 0 0 Updated May 10, 2023
  • terragraph-planner Public archive Forked from terragraph/terragraph-planner

    The Terragraph Planner is developed for operators to plan and optimize a mesh network using Terragraph's 60 GHz mmWave technology

    facebookarchive/terragraph-planner’s past year of commit activity
    Python 0 MIT 5 0 0 Updated May 10, 2023

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