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appx is a tool which creates and optionally signs Microsoft Windows APPX packages.

Supported targets

appx can create APPX packages for the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (UAP)
  • Windows 10 Mobile

Building appx


  • CMake >= 3.0
  • OpenSSL developer library
  • zlib developer library

Supported build and host platforms and toolchains:

  • GNU/Linux with GCC 4.8.1 or GCC 4.9
  • Mac OS X 10.10.5 with clang 3.6.0


mkdir Build && cd Build && cmake .. && make

On OS X, you'll need to explicitly point cmake to your OpenSSL installation. The easiest method is to install OpenSSL using Homebrew and then pass -DOPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=$(brew --prefix openssl) when invoking cmake. You can also compile OpenSSL from source and set OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR accordingly.


cd Build && make install

Running appx

Run appx -h for usage information.


fb-util-for-appx actively welcomes contributions from the community. If you're interested in contributing, be sure to check out the contributing guide. It includes some tips for getting started in the codebase, as well as important information about the code of conduct, license, and CLA.

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