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React sync for revisions 3ff2c7c...6bf5e85

This sync includes the following changes:
- **[6bf5e8598](facebook/react@6bf5e85: Fix scheduler setTimeout() re-entrancy check (#14384) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[7a48c900b](facebook/react@7a48c90: Prevent a v8 deopt when profiling (#14383) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[f00c2755b](facebook/react@f00c275: Removed unnecessary externals from Jest bundles (#14372) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[52bea95cf](facebook/react@52bea95: Fixed scheduler setTimeout fallback (#14358) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[1d25aa578](facebook/react@1d25aa5: [Fizz] New Server Rendering Infra (#14144) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[f1bf28160](facebook/react@f1bf281: Fix bug in cloneHook (#14364) //<Imre Osswald>//
- **[16e120438](facebook/react@16e1204: [Fire] Add initial build infrastructure (#14359) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[d14ba87b1](facebook/react@d14ba87: Validate propTypes for lazy() and memo() and warn about invalid patterns (#14298) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[4f964f09c](facebook/react@4f964f0: Adding isMemo check to react-is package (#14313) //<Jinto Jose>//
- **[c2a2d8a53](facebook/react@c2a2d8a: Remove useMutationEffect (#14336) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[48f1e5b3c](facebook/react@48f1e5b: Add a null type test for memo (#14325) //<chun shang>//
- **[f93f3402f](facebook/react@f93f340: Make useEffect(async) warning more verbose (#14327) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[ee3ef3a07](facebook/react@ee3ef3a: Fix regression: Errors not emitted in streams (#14314) //<Pelle Wessman>//
- **[33f6f5e53](facebook/react@33f6f5e: Remove usage of `fbjs/lib/invariant` in ReactNativeViewConfigRegistry. (#14330) //<Christoph Nakazawa>//
- **[686f1060a](facebook/react@686f106: Publish a local release (canary or stable) to NPM (#14260) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[7475120ce](facebook/react@7475120: Prevent deopts from modifying exports object in stable builds (#14309) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0c7189d92](facebook/react@0c7189d: Fix resolution of outer props with React.memo() (#14312) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[14be29b2b](facebook/react@14be29b: Add more test coverage for nested memo() (#14311) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[dc0dd4bbf](facebook/react@dc0dd4b: Use |0 to coerce to number (#14297) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[dd8205cef](facebook/react@dd8205c: List ignored types instead of included types in the stack (#14308) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[a9fdf8a32](facebook/react@a9fdf8a: Warn about reassigning this.props (#14277) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[327cf0ee3](facebook/react@327cf0e: Fix support for mixing react-dom/server@16.6 and react@<16.6 (#14291) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[c954efa70](facebook/react@c954efa: Remove `import * as` pattern from the codebase (#14282) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[ccb14e270](facebook/react@ccb14e2: Fix SSR useCallback in render phase (#14279) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[0e9cb3f5d](facebook/react@0e9cb3f: Clear fields on unmount of fiber to avoid memory leak (#14276) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
- **[592676503](facebook/react@5926765: Revert "Clear memoizedState on unmount of fiber to avoid memory leak (#14218)" (#14275) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
- **[9b2fb24f9](facebook/react@9b2fb24: Clear memoizedState on unmount of fiber to avoid memory leak (#14218) //<Dominic Gannaway>//
- **[a22fabc2a](facebook/react@a22fabc: Reduce scheduler serialization overhead (#14249) //<Jason Miller>//
- **[21d5f7d32](facebook/react@21d5f7d: Wrap shorthand CSS property collision warning in feature flag (#14245) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[8feeed10d](facebook/react@8feeed1: [scheduler] Remove window.postMessage fallback //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[5bce0ef10](facebook/react@5bce0ef: [scheduler] Post to MessageChannel instead of window (#14234) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[f55795c8e](facebook/react@f55795c: Add regression test for #14188 (#14197) //<Dan Abramov>//
- **[b98adb648](facebook/react@b98adb6: Simplify CSS shorthand property warning (#14183) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[f8bfd5868](facebook/react@f8bfd58: fix typo //<Sebastian Markbage>//
- **[961eb65b4](facebook/react@961eb65: Use unique thread ID for each partial render to access Context (#14182) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//
- **[1a6ab1e9b](facebook/react@1a6ab1e: SimpleMemoComponent should warn if a ref is given (#14178) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[8ae867e6b](facebook/react@8ae867e: Warn about conflicting style values during updates (#14181) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[d5e1bf07d](facebook/react@d5e1bf0: Renamed outdated schedule/tracing referecnes (#14177) //<Brian Vaughn>//
- **[2dd4ba11e](facebook/react@2dd4ba1: ESlint -> ESLint //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[9cc631a53](facebook/react@9cc631a: Don't run danger on bad build (#14143) //<Sophie Alpert>//
- **[1034e26fe](facebook/react@1034e26: Fix typos (#14124) //<Heaven>//
- **[5618da49d](facebook/react@5618da4: Fix comment typo (#14156) //<Bartosz Gordon>//
- **[9fb919945](facebook/react@9fb9199: Add global to ESLint plugin bundle config //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[c174f8592](facebook/react@c174f85: Add fb build of ESLint plugin (#14165) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[02e4848e3](facebook/react@02e4848: Improved suspense support in ReactDOMServer (#14161) //<Alex Taylor>//
- **[4b163fee1](facebook/react@4b163fe: Remove errant return assignment (#14164) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[e58ecda9a](facebook/react@e58ecda: Suspense fuzz tester (#14147) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[7fd1661f8](facebook/react@7fd1661:  Don't warn if an unmounted component is pinged (#14158) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[f9e9913f0](facebook/react@f9e9913: [Synchronous Suspense] Don't delete children of suspended component (#14157) //<Andrew Clark>//
- **[7c560131b](facebook/react@7c56013: Adding logger pri (#14155) //<Nathan Schloss>//
- **[3d8bda70e](facebook/react@3d8bda7: Refactor ESLint configuration to enable better IDE integration (#13914) //<Minh Nguyen>//
- **[051272f20](facebook/react@051272f: Use Entry in `yarn build ...` Instead of Label (#14148) //<Sebastian Markbåge>//

Release Notes:
[GENERAL] [FEATURE] [React] - React sync for revisions 3ff2c7c...6bf5e85

Reviewed By: bvaughn

Differential Revision: D13288288

fbshipit-source-id: 89a4837a9198c53fc79306933f589ef25d8bb4b6
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