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@alunyov alunyov released this 06 Jan 19:43
· 2265 commits to main since this release

Breaking Changes

  • relay-compiler is now implemented in Rust and it replaced the JS version from v12.
    • The motivation and details for this change are captured here:
    • A few new features that are supported in the new compiler:
      • TypeScript code generation added to the compiler.
      • New directives:
        • @required: Improve the ergonomics of handling null values by declaratively telling Relay to either LOG, THROW, or bubble (NONE) null fields.
        • @no_inline: Disable inlining the fragment when it is used in normalization(query) artifacts. Reduce generated artifacts size if the fragment is used in many places.
      • Support for generic query persisting in the configuration.
    • Breaking changes in the new Relay compiler
      • No field aliases can start with two underscores; these are reserved for internal Relay use.
      • Export query hashes to JSON is removed.
    • The quick instructions on how to use the new compiler are here:
  • Updates in runtime, React APIs, and generated flow types for better integration with Flow: and a first class support for types in flow for graphql tags. It may break some of the components that rely on the structure of the generated Relay flow-types.
  • Statically flow-type the second parameter passed to updaters, optimistic updaters and commitLocalUpdate; it is now derived from the shape of the mutation and is optional. This type had previously been typed as $FlowFixMe (i.e. any); as a result, adding static types here is a breaking change.
  • Removed relay-config.

For more details see:

Changes since RC.2


  • Allow Node interface id field to be configurable. (#3638)
  • [2ea681c] Add FlatbufferSchema.has_type()


  • [995bb87] Add include option to single project config file, and warn if it is used.
  • [504b5a8] add serde(alias = "exclude") to SingleProjectConfigFile
  • [f0d7395] do not panic if query_type is not defined
  • Update (#3714)
  • [e0911d6] update doc references to renamed props
  • [e959f5c] fix typo in fetch policies
  • [ed24f9d] fix unused variables lints in relay-runtime
  • [a93d922] fix test utils for ResolverFragments


  • [e075107] Update copyright headers from Facebook to Meta
  • [f16b8da] workaround rust-analyzer bug
  • Remove outdated dependecies from package.json (#3712)
  • [1f01910] Update generate_fixture_tests component on FBS:master
  • [e31cac7] auto lint fixes
  • [ebfa5b1] autocargo: ctp: depend on pxl instead of re-declaring its crates