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Commits: v1.7.0...v2.0.0


  • Relay now uses new Context API instead of Legacy Context API. Any consumers of Relay context using the Legacy context API will break.
    • Removed experimental support for @deferrable directive
  • Upgrade graphql to 14.0.0
  • Upgrade react to 16.5.0
  • relay-compiler: Rename inputFieldWhitelist to optionalInputFields.
  • Merge graphql-compiler into relay-compiler (#2593)
  • Selector type returned by environment.unstable_internal.getSelector(...) has changed.


  • ReactRelayContext is now exported from react-relay.
  • Added fragment ownership model to relay-runtime: fragments can now point to the query that owns them, which removes reliance on React Context and gives us flexibility to experiment with new apis.
  • Persisted queries: Enables a simple but straightforward mechanism to use persisted queries in open-source. (#2354)
  • @arguments directive now supports literal values.
  • Add 'severity' field to PayloadError in RelayNetwork interface.
  • Add support for specifying missingFieldHandlers in the Relay environment. These handlers allow developers to provide a fallback for missing data for a query when environment.check() is called.
  • Add support making GC scheduling configurable in the Relay environment.
  • Allow passing a custom handler to @connection. This is useful for products that want to customize the way newly fetched items are merged into an existing connection.


  • recycleNodesInto no longer produces runtime error in DEV mode trying to mutate frozen objects (#2193)
  • Fixed receiving payloads out of order in QueryRenderer.
  • Fixed issue in Pagination Container when receiving new props.
  • Fix incorrectly garbage collecting data during an optimistic update.
  • Correctly fix double fetching with QueryRenderer in React Concurrent mode.
  • Fix rendering sibling QueryRenderers that have the same query and variables.


  • Improved compiler error messages, which now show locations in source.
  • Updated the structure of generated ConcreteRequest to provide more flexibility for our fetching apis.
  • Cleaned up Reader and Normalization AST representation.
  • Upgrade build dependencies to Babel 7 and Webpack 4.
  • Make generated Flow types for Input types exact objects.
  • Simplify structure of network payloads.
  • Rename RelayMarkSweepStore to RelayModernStore.


  • Added support for new @match directive for dynamically loading code and data dependencies determined by server. No user api is provided yet.
  • Added support for @refetchable directive which automatically generates a query for a fragment that is “refetchable” (i.e. a fragment on Viewer, Query, or a type that implements Node). No user api is provided yet.