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A library that provides an embeddable, persistent key-value store for fast storage.
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Latest commit f55d30 @IslamAbdelRahman IslamAbdelRahman Make db_test_util compile under ROCKSDB_LITE
Summary: db_test_util is used in multiple test files but it dont compile under ROCKSDB_LITE

Test Plan:
make check
make static_lib
OPT=-DROCKSDB_LITE make db_wal_test

Reviewers: igor, yhchiang, rven, sdong

Reviewed By: sdong

Subscribers: dhruba

Differential Revision:
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arcanist_util Fix linters on non-fb machines
build_tools Merge pull request #759 from jwlent55/statically-load-compression-lib…
coverage Fix coverage script
db Make db_test_util compile under ROCKSDB_LITE
doc Remove seek compaction
examples [RocksDB Options File] Add TableOptions section and support BlockBase…
hdfs [Cleanup] Remove RandomRWFile
include/rocksdb Include the time unit in the comment of perf_context timers
java Seperate InternalIterator from Iterator
port Merge pull request #763 from PraveenSinghRao/lockfix
table Seperate InternalIterator from Iterator
third-party "make format" against last 10 commits
tools Update dump_tool and undump_tool to accept Options
util Seperate InternalIterator from Iterator
utilities Deferred snapshot creation in transactions
.arcconfig Integrate Jenkins with Phabricator
.clang-format A script that automatically reformat affected lines
.gitignore New amalgamation target
.travis.yml Travis shouldn't fail when clang-format suggests improvements
AUTHORS Add AUTHORS file. Fix #203
CMakeLists.txt Clean up dependency: Move db_test_util.* to db directory facebook accounts are not required for CLA signers First version of rocksdb_dump and rocksdb_undump. Pass column family ID to table property collector Make it harder for users to run debug builds in production
LICENSE Fix copyright year
Makefile Fixed packaging of java crossbuild jar by forcing all compiled binari…
PATENTS Update Patent Grant. Replaced "built on on earlier work" by "built on earlier work" in REA… Optimistic Transactions Add Cloudera's blog post to
Vagrantfile RocksDB on FreeBSD support Commit both PR and internal code review changes
appveyor.yml Improve CI build and build switches
appveyordailytests.yml Improve CI build and fix Windows build breakage Clean up dependency: Move db_test_util.* to db directory Improve CI build and fix Windows build breakage

RocksDB: A Persistent Key-Value Store for Flash and RAM Storage

Build Status

RocksDB is developed and maintained by Facebook Database Engineering Team. It is built on earlier work on LevelDB by Sanjay Ghemawat ( and Jeff Dean (

This code is a library that forms the core building block for a fast key value server, especially suited for storing data on flash drives. It has a Log-Structured-Merge-Database (LSM) design with flexible tradeoffs between Write-Amplification-Factor (WAF), Read-Amplification-Factor (RAF) and Space-Amplification-Factor (SAF). It has multi-threaded compactions, making it specially suitable for storing multiple terabytes of data in a single database.

Start with example usage here:

See the github wiki for more explanation.

The public interface is in include/. Callers should not include or rely on the details of any other header files in this package. Those internal APIs may be changed without warning.

Design discussions are conducted in

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