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@Celebio Celebio released this Dec 19, 2018

We are happy to announce the change of the license from BSD+patents to MIT and the release of fastText 0.2.0.

The main purpose of this release is to set a beta C++ API of the FastText class. The class now behaves as a computational library: we moved the display and some usage error handlings outside of it (mainly to and It is still compatible with older versions of the class, but some methods are now marked as deprecated and will probably be removed in the next release.

In this respect, we also introduce the official support for python. The python binding of fastText is a client of the FastText class.

Here is a short summary of the 104 commits since 0.1.0 :

New :

  • Introduction of the “OneVsAll” loss function for multi-label classification, which corresponds to the sum of binary cross-entropy computed independently for each label. This new loss can be used with the -loss ova or -loss one-vs-all command line option ( 8850c51 ).
  • Computation of the precision and recall metrics for each label ( be1e597 ).
  • Removed printing functions from FastText class ( 256032b ).
  • Better default for number of threads ( 501b9b1 ).
  • Python support ( f10ec1f ).
  • More tests for circleci/python ( eb9703a, 97fcde8, 1de0624 ).

Bug fixes :

  • Normalize buffer vector in analogy queries.
  • Typo fixes and clarifications on website.
  • Improvements on python install issues : OS X compiler flags, pybind11 include.
  • Fix: getSubwords for EOS.
  • Fix: ETA time.
  • Fix: division by 0 in word analogy evaluation.
  • Fix for the infinite loop on ARM cpu.

Operations :

Worth noting :

  • We added circleci build badges to the
  • We modified the style to be in compliance with Facebook C++ style.
  • We added coverage option for Makefile and in order to build for measuring the coverage.

Thank you fastText community!

We want to thank you all for being a part of this community and sharing your passion with us. Some of these improvements would not have been possible without your help.

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