NO LONGER MAINTAINED - A handy dandy jQuery plugin that allows your navigation to slide up or down.
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Nifty Nav is a quick and easy navigation plugin using Sass and jQuery. It makes making navigation systems a little better. Built by the awesome people over at factor1.

Getting Started

1. Install Nifty Nav with npm or bower
npm install nifty-nav --save
## OR
bower install nifty-nav --save
2. Import the Nifty Nav styles & settings in your .scss file

To use the default settings:

@import nifty-nav/settings;
@import nifty-nav/nifty-nav;

To customize the settings, copy settings.scss to your project folder and include it before nifty-nav. This example moves settings.scss to a folder called settings and renames it to nifty-nav-settings:

@import settings/nifty-nav-settings;
@import nifty-nav/nifty-nav;
3. Include the nifty-nav.js

Include the nifty-nav.js in your build either inline or within a Gulp or Grunt task.

Quick Setup

To use Nifty Nav without compiling and with the default settings, clone the Nifty Nav repo and use nifty-nav.min.css found in dist/css/ and nifty-nav.min.js found in dist/js/.

    <link rel="stylesheet" href="path/to/file/nifty-nav.min.css">
   <script src="path/to/file/nifty-nav.min.js"></script>

Adding The Hamburger

To add the hamburger to your site:

<a id="nifty-nav-toggle"><span></span></a>

Nifty Nav Options/Settings

Nifty Nav has five jQuery settings, and some scss settings.

  • subMenus controls if Nifty Nav should allow toggling of sub-menus. Default: false.
  • subMenuParentLink controls if a parent menu navigation link should be followed when clicked. Default: false.
  • mask controls if Nifty Nav should show the mask that covers the page. Default: true.
  • itemClickClose controls if Nifty Nav should close when a nav item with the class of nifty-nav-item is clicked. Default: true.
  • panelPosition lets you control the display: value of the .nifty-panel element. Default: absolute.

NOTE: When using panelPosition: 'fixed' a class of .nifty-lock is added to the <body>. This is to prevent the page from scrolling and allow the user to scroll through nav items instead. To change this functionality simply override the .nifty-lock class.

Scss settings control visual aspects of nifty nav:

  • $header-index sets the z-index of the <header> element
  • $panel-color sets the color of the dropdown.
  • $panel-top-distance sets the panel distance from the top of the viewport.
  • $panel-width sets the panel width.
  • $panel-index sets the z-index of the Nifty Nav panel.
  • $mask-color sets the color and opacity of the mask.
  • $mask-index sets the z-index of the mask.
  • $hamburger-color sets the hamburger color.
  • $hamburger-color-active sets the color of the hamburger when the panel is open.
  • $hamburger-position-top sets the distance from the top of the containing element.
  • $hamburger-position-x sets the distance from the left/right of the containing element.
  • $hamburger-position-left - default is true. If false, the hamburger floats to the right.

Initializing Nifty Nav

To use Nifty Nav, initialize it at the bottom of your page before the closing </body> or in an external JavaScript file (recommended).

// Nifty Nav with default settings

// Nifty Nav without the mask and with sub-menu toggles
    mask: false,
    subMenus: true

Issues / Bugs / Contributions#

If you have feedback, find a bug, or want to make contributions, please don't hesitate to open an issue or make a pull request.