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Command line tool written in python - based on the BCC toolkit (eBPF) - for PHP code monitoring
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PHP Tracing Tool

PHP tracing tool is a command line tool written in python 3 - based on the BCC toolkit (eBPF) - for PHP code monitoring.

Built to help you understand your program behavior in a "normal" environment, directly in production.

It gives a deep observability of the application without adding specific php debugging code : function execution flow with latency of each function, tracing I/O syscalls with details …

You can also monitor your containerized application because it works on the PID of the php process, it discuss directly with the kernel (eBPF), there is no impact on your application. You just need a PHP compiled with the --enable-dtrace debug option (the image is in the repo)


This example trace a demo php program with a google maps API call.

Command line options

-h : help

-S : print the syscalls details inside each function

--check : print the generated BPF C program and quit

--debug : debug mode: print the generated BPF C program

Install an usage

Be sure to have BCC on your machine (a Debian Buster).

apt-get install bpfcc-tools python3-bpfcc

Execute the script as root :

sudo ./ -h

Complete Demo

Setup the vagrant machine and go in

cd vagrant-buster && vagrant up
vagrant ssh
cd /vagrant/php_tool

Launch the PHP demo and nginx containers


Instrumenting the code with php_tool

sudo ./ -S PID [PID ...]


sudo ./

There is also a Wordpress demo image.


Apache-2.0 © 2019 Nicolas Dubouilh, Mathieu Lecarme

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