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Curses interface for the daemon of the BitTorrent client Transmission
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Please don't request or submit new features that would add more than a handful (literally!) of lines of code.

Given the messy implementation, adding functionality either causes new bugs that nobody wants to fix or it adds cruft that I won't be able to understand two weeks later because there's already so much cruft that mostly works but without any regards to the bigger picture. (Also, there is not much of a bigger picture, it's hacks all the way down (and maybe even up). Imagine a house that is hold together by the corpses in the drywall.)

This doesn't mean the project is dead.
I'll always accept any bugfixes. (Unless they cause new bugs.)


A console client for the BitTorrent client Transmission.



For Python 2.5 or older, you need simplejson which should be packaged in any Linux distribution. The Debian/Ubuntu package is called python-simplejson.

Optional Modules (you don't need them but they add features):

  • GeoIP: Guess which country peers come from.
  • adns: Resolve IPs to host names.
  • xerox: Copy magnet links to the system clipboard. You will also need either xclip on linux or pbcopy on OS X for this to work.

Debian/Ubuntu package names are python-adns and python-geoip.


Connection information

Authentication and host/port can be set via command line with one of these patterns:
$ transmission-remote-cli -c homeserver
$ transmission-remote-cli -c homeserver:1234
$ transmission-remote-cli -c johndoe:secretbirthday@homeserver
$ transmission-remote-cli -c johndoe:secretbirthday@homeserver:1234

You can write this (and other) stuff into a configuration file:
$ transmission-remote-cli -c johndoe:secretbirthday@homeserver:1234 --create-config

No configuration file is created automatically, you have to do this somehow. However, if the file exists, it is re-written when trcli exits to remember some settings. This means you shouldn't have trcli running when editing your configuration file.

If you don't like the default configuration file path ~/.config/transmission-remote-cli/settings.cfg, change it:
$ transmission-remote-cli -f ~/.trclirc --create-config

Calling transmission-remote

transmission-remote-cli forwards all arguments after '--' to transmission-remote. This is useful if your daemon requires authentication and/or doesn't listen on the default localhost:9091 for instructions. transmission-remote-cli reads HOST:PORT and authentication from the config file and forwards them on to transmission-remote, along with your arguments.

Some examples:
$ transmission-remote-cli -- -l
$ transmission-remote-cli -- -t 2 -i
$ transmission-remote-cli -- -as

Add torrents

If you provide only one command line argument and it doesn't start with '-', it's treated like a torrent file/URL and submitted to the daemon via transmission-remote. This is useful because you can instruct Firefox to open torrent files with transmission-remote-cli.

$ transmission-remote-cli http://link/to/file.torrent
$ transmission-remote-cli path/to/some/torrent-file


Main window - full, v1.3

Main window - compact, v1.3

Info window, v1.3


Released under the GPLv3 license, see COPYING for details.


Feel free to request new features or provide bug reports.
You can find my email address here.

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