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# Fail2Ban configuration file
# Author: Cyril Jaquier
before = sendmail-common.conf
# Option: actionban
# Notes.: command executed when banning an IP. Take care that the
# command is executed with Fail2Ban user rights.
# Tags: See jail.conf(5) man page
# Values: CMD
actionban = printf %%b "Subject: [Fail2Ban] <name>: banned <ip> from `uname -n`
Date: `LC_ALL=C date +"%%a, %%d %%h %%Y %%T %%z"`
From: <sendername> <<sender>>
To: <dest>\n
The IP <ip> has just been banned by Fail2Ban after
<failures> attempts against <name>.\n\n
Here is more information about <ip> :\n
`/usr/bin/whois <ip> || echo missing whois program`\n
Fail2Ban" | /usr/sbin/sendmail -f <sender> <dest>
# Default name of the chain
name = default
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