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MooTools Plugins and Enhancements Repository





Changes in MooTools More

  • 40 tickets closed (see the milestones for and in Lighthouse)
  • Misc
    • All the code of MooTools More now uses MooTools Core 1.3 internally.
    • There is built-in compatibility for all API improvements, except for Element.get not setting anymore. See the Core wiki for compatibility for this.
    • Log.js is no more; you can download it from source via github
  • Fx.Reveal
    • Revised Fx.Reveal. Element getters don't accept options anymore, so Element.get('reveal', options) is not possible anymore (just like Fx.Tween and Fx.Morph in Core).
  • Hash
    • Moved Hash.js from MooTools Core to MooTools More which is not part of MooTools Core 1.3 (without compatibily layer) anymore.
    • Changed Hash.Extras to Object.Extras. However, Hash.Extras still exists for compatibility.
  • Events
    • Added Events.Pseudos and Element.Event.Pseudos to abstract Element.Delegation :relay.
    • Added :once pseudo for Events and Element.Event and :keys to Element.Event, both through the new Event(s).definePseudo.
  • Element.Delegation
    • now supports the mouseenter and mouseleave events.
  • Request.JSONP
    • Rewritten - much more readable and manageable; the retries option has been removed.
  • Locale
    • Renamed MooTools.lang to Locale and rewrote it completely; added a lot of translation additions and improvements.
  • Array.Extras
    • Added ES5 Array:reduce and Array:reduceRight methods to Array.Extras

Changes in MooTools More

  • 65 tickets closed (see the milestone for in Lighthouse)
  • Misc
  • Drag
    • Drag now supports non-pixel values for position
  • Element.position
    • Element.position now checks for maximum option, before it only checked for minimum.
  • Class.Refactor
    • Class.Refactor now allows calls to this.previous for methods that may not exist in the previous state.
  • Sortables
    • Sortables now deal with draggables that contain radio inputs to prevent them from being unchecked when you drag one that is.
  • Date
    • Dashes in Date.parse weren't always parsed right
    • added millisecond support to UTC parsing and to formatting as %s
    • added %e option to Date.format. Prints non padded day number.
  • HtmlTable
    • HtmlTable is now less likely to fail in tables w/ rowspan/colspan going on
    • HtmlTable.push now accepts an actual TR element.
  • HtmlTable.Select:
    • now supports shift+click for multi-select
    • now supports shift+up/down for multi-select
    • now supports holding down the up/down keys
    • right click now selects rows of HtmlTable
  • HtmlTable.Sort
    • added static method to allow users to add custom parsers at the top of the parser list (so their custom ones occur first)
    • now allows contents of table cells that are more than just text nodes.
  • Document
    • Added method to clear document selection
  • Form.Request
    • now passes along the request arguments to Form.Request's events.
    • now sends along which button was clicked (as regular forms do).
  • Fx.Reveal
    • Added an 'opacity' option to set the target opacity for reveal() or starting opacity for dissolve().
  • OverText
    • added enable, disable, and destroy methods.
  • Fx.Accordion
    • added removeSection method
  • Tips
    • fixed a bug where tips was not passing along the proper arguments to the onShow event
  • Slider
    • added setRange to dynamically set the range
  • Keyboard / Keyboard.Extras
    • no longer calls disable when keyboard instances are managed.
    • reenabled the previous keyboard when the current one is dropped.
    • added an isActive method.
    • added removeShortcut method.
  • Spinner
    • (integration into Request) - make it so that spinner picks up details only no send, not on init.
  • Assets
    • added onload support for Assets.css

Changes in MooTools More

  • Fixed Tips. Again.

Changes in MooTools More

  • Nearly 50 bug fixes (see the milestone for in Lighthouse).
  • Keyboard:
    • Added some support for just pressing 'shift', 'control', or 'alt'
    • Added a bunch of keycodes for Mac compatibility
  • Keyboard.Extras:
    • Support for "shortcuts" which are keyboard entries that have names and descriptions.
    • Also provides methods for listing all the active shortcuts as well as allowing a shortcut to be rebound (for instance, if you were to allow the user to choose a key for a shortcut).
    • Added a change event to Keyboard.manager whenever any keyboard is activated.
  • Tips:
    • They work again (I know, that's not really a feature).
    • NEW Tips option "windowPadding" allows you to reduce or expand the virtual size of the window for tip positioning. Defaults to {x:0, y:0}. You can use that is a workaround for the scrollbars not being considered when calculating tip positions.
  • HtmlTable:
    • fixed numerous bugs filed in Lighthouse
    • ensuring that HtmlTable doesn't apply it's click behavior more than once...
    • fixing a bug where HtmlTable couldn't push headers defined in the options.
    • reworking HtmlTable's dom a bit to allow for positioning of the sort icon
    • adding new set method for headers and footers.
    • Fixed error in HtmlTable.Parsers when sorting by date. format('db') was being applied to the text and not the date object.
  • Array:
    • Added Array.shuffle
  • Request.JSONP:
  • Fx.Slide:
    • Added an option to specify the wrapper element for Fx.Slide. Was already present in the docs but could not be passed as an option.
  • Mask:
    • adding options for the IframeShim for Mask

Changes in MooTools More

  • Per the change in -core, $ is no longer used (uses instead)
  • Element.Measure: trying cssText solution for Element.expose (again).
  • Element.Forms: swapping feature detection for browser support per
  • Date: Massive refactoring of Date.js and Date.Extras.js
  • Drag.Move: Fixing drag with grid issues
  • IframeShim: altering zindex assignment in IframeShim to better ensure that it’s always underneath the shimmed element, updating Iframeshim’s empty document creation; fixes https issues in IE6
  • FormValidator: reworking formvalidator scroll-to logic to be a little more efficient
  • OverText: preventing overtext from focusing on inputs except when they are interacted with (so OverText.update() does not focus an input);now stops polling when elements are hidden (when polling is enabled)
  • Fx.Scroll: adding scrollIntoView method - scrolls an element so that it is completely visible; if below the view, scrolls down until it is at the bottom of the screen, if above, scrolls up until it is at the top.
  • JSONP: was calling (the deprecated) this.request instead of this.send during retries
  • URI: Adding set(‘data’, obj) to set
  • Assets: adding error callback for Assets.images
  • Tips: removing dependency for Element.Measure for Tips; updating CSS class name in OverText
  • Numerous small fixes, speed improvements, documentation tweaks, etc.

Changes in MooTools More

  • roughly a dozen issues fixed or closed (in lighthouse)
  • Numerous documentation updates
  • Spinner: Adding a getSpinner method to Request in Spinner's refactoring of that Class
  • Spinner: Fixing default styles
  • Form.Validator, Date: Added Ukrainian translations
  • Date: Added new Date parser (parses "Thu Oct 22 08:11:23 +0000 2009")
  • Fx.Accordion: handling the alwaysHide option so you can still have returnHeightToAuto set to true (see this discussion)
  • Tips: Restoring arguments to the show/hide events; tip no longer defaults to display:none (this restores the previous behavior)
  • Fx.Reveal: stores cssText whenever it starts a transition and restores it when it finishes or is canceled, leaving the element without a bunch of inline styles, as if you'd just done setStyle('display', 'block'/'none')
  • Fx.SmoothScroll: adding a "scrolledTo" event
  • Drag: added new 'stopPropagation' option
  • HtmlTable.Select: ensuring that instances only delegates to immediate children (for nested tables)
  • HtmlTable.Sort.js: detects and sorts date columns more accurately, handles negative integers and floats
  • Reorganized scripts json so Depender can implement Log
Changes to Clientcide plugins adopted by MooTools More in this release
  • Fupdate is now named Form.Request; see compat layer on

Changes in MooTools More

  • Issues fixed (in lighthouse): #50, #55, #65, and various other minor bugs
  • Replaced all occurrences of $ with
  • Overhauled Date.js
  • Prevented overtext from focusing on inputs except when they are interacted with
  • Moved some methods from Date.Extras into Date because of some dependencies that weren't seen before.
  • Added for all browsers. Removed unnecessary genericization.
  • Date.define2DigitYearStart now in effect. Defaults to 1970. 2 digit dates before 70 will default to 2000*
  • Fx.Scroll: added scrollIntoView method
  • JSONP was calling this.request instead of this.send
  • Patch for FormValidator.Inline's scrollFxOptions being ignored, see clientcide bug.
  • Updated Iframeshim's empty document creation; fixes https issues in IE6
  • OverText now stops polling when elements are hidden (when polling is enabled).
  • Added error callback for Assets.images

Changes in MooTools More

  • Issues fixed (in lighthouse): #47, #38, and various other minor bugs
  • Updated the OverText class to allow for the user to set the element type.

Breaking changes from RC1

  • URI
  • domain renamed to host
  • Fx.Accordion
  • no longer organizes the DOM for you

Breaking Changes from More

  • Tips
    • options:offsets in Tips renamed to offset
  • Accorion
    • renamed to Fx.Accordion
  • SmoothScroll
    • renamed to Fx.SmoothScroll

Breaking Changes from Clientcide

  • IframeShim
    • options:zindex renamed to zIndex
  • JsonP
    • renamed to Request.JSONP
    • constructor/send/prepareUrl take options hash, no longer an url directly (like Request)
    • user can change options on the fly when calling send() with a new hash, reusing the object
    • added check method. support for link: ignore, cancel, chain (like Request)
    • added success, request and cancel events
    • data can be a hash or string now (like Request)
    • queryString option gone
    • makeUrl logic now moved to new getScript(), which directly returns the script
    • changed how it essentially works. instead of storing the object reference, we store a new function every time a request is made, that keeps a reference of the script element and the object instance.
    • abortAfter and timeout gone. there's now a single timeout for retries and for when retries run out.
    • globalFunction gone, deemed useless
  • Browser.Extras completely refactored into URI Native object
    • Browser.redraw is gone
  • Class.Binds no longer supports lowercase binds
  • Element.fxOpacityOk (which was never documented or intended for external use) is gone
  • Element.isVisible renamed to Element.isDisplayed
  • Form.Validator base class no longer does what it did (that is now in Form.Validator.Inline)
  • OverText
    • no longer takes a collection of inputs.
    • .showTxt > .show, .hideTxt > .hide
    • .hide and .show no longer take the element and 'focus' arguments.
    • .repositionAll is gone; .repositionOverTxt is now just .reposition; it does not take an argument
  • String.Extras
    • findAllEmails gone, too specific
  • Date
    • Number / String extensions moved to string extras. zeroise made an anonymous function, was lame
  • Element.setPosition is now Element.position
  • String.Extra query functions moved to URI.js
  • parseQuery > parseQueryString for consistency with cleanQueryString
  • Request.Queue
    • event names all renamed; onRequestStart >> onRequest, onRequestSuccess >> onSuccess, etc