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QtSixA is the Sixaxis Joystick Manager

QtSixA can connect PS3 hardware (Sixaxis/DualShock3, Keypads and Remotes)
to a Linux-compatible machine.

"QtSixA" is the GUI (interface), while "sixad" is the backend C++ code.

Currently sixad supports:
 - Sixaxis/DualShock3 (buttons, axis, accelerometers, leds and rumble)
 - PS3 Keypads
 - PS3 BD Remotes

sixad also registers the hardware's MAC/ID in the device name
(ex: "PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (00:XX:X0:0X:XX)".


QtSixA and sixad are licensed under the GNU GPL v2 license.

For help, check manual.odt/pdf, or the online help at
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