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May 30, 2019

NPFchan - A lightweight and full featured PHP imageboard.


This is the a fork of vichan running on, a free light-weight, fast, highly configurable and user-friendly imageboard software package. It is written in PHP and has few dependencies.

NPFchan is a fork of vichan which is a fork of (now defunc'd) Tinyboard,

In November 2017, Marcin Łabanowski (@czaks) retired as maintainer for personal reasons. His retirement may be temporary, but in his absence, Fredrick Brennan (@ctrlcctrlv), co-maintainer since 2013, and #3 in terms of number of commits, took his place as interim sole maintianer and point of contact. (See issue #266)

Security problems can be reported to Fredrick Brennan at his email: COPYPASTE <AT> KITTENS <DOT> PH.

Vichan is still accepting patches, but there is at the moment no active development besides fixing security problems and other serious bugs as they emerge. Given the lack of active development, we strongly urge you to consider other imageboard packages. It is the opinion of the vichan development team that no new vichan imageboards should be deployed, and other imageboard packages, such as lynxchan, used instead.


vichan is a fork of (now defunc'd) Tinyboard, a great imageboard package, actively building on it and adding a lot of features and other improvements.

Some documentation may be found on our wiki. (feel free to contribute)


  1. PHP >= 5.6
  2. MySQL >= 5.6 or MariaDB
  3. mbstring
  4. PHP GD
  5. PHP PDO
  6. A Unix-like OS, preferrably FreeBSD or Linux

We try to make sure vichan is compatible with all major web servers. vichan does not include an Apache .htaccess file nor does it need one.


  1. MySQL >= 5.7
  2. ImageMagick (command-line ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick preferred).
  3. APC (Alternative PHP Cache), XCache or Memcached


You can contribute to NPFchan by:

  • Developing patches/improvements/translations and using GitHub to submit pull requests
  • Providing feedback and suggestions
  • Writing/editing documentation


See the Installation Guide

Please remember to change the administrator account password.

See also: Configuration Basics.


To upgrade from any version of Tinyboard or vichan or NFPchan:

Either run git pull to update your files if you use git, or replace all your files in place (don't remove boards etc.) and then run install.php.

To migrate from a Kusaba X board, use


As it stands NPFchan has no public support system.

vichan support

vichan is still beta software -- there are bound to be bugs. If you find a bug, please report it.

CLI tools

There are a few command line interface tools, based on Tinyboard-Tools. These need to be launched from a Unix shell account (SSH, or something). They are located in a tools/ directory.

You actually don't need these tools for your imageboard functioning, they are aimed at the power users. You won't be able to run these from shared hosting accounts (i.e. all free web servers).


NPFchan makes use of wPaint for oekaki.

To enable oekaki, add all the scripts listed in js/wpaint.js to your instance-config.php.

WebM support

Read inc/lib/webm/ for information about enabling webm.


NPFchan provides by default a 4chan-compatible JSON API. For documentation on this, see: .




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