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Web App To Send Commands via Websockets to Pacer Powered Vehicles


Supported Commands:

ENABLE_LOGGER = 8080 DISABLE_LOGGER = 8181 GET_CONFIG = 8282 SET_CONFIG = 8383 (use text area to change the configuration)

What is Pacer?

Pacer is a development platform that enables fast and cheap development of light electric vehicles.

Pacer bundles open source software with modular hardware components.

Pacer was created to simplify the development of light electric vehicles by providing out of the box trivial functionality like connectivity, controlling and state management of the vehicle.


  1. The current version of Pacer is not production ready. DO NOT use it unless thoroughly tested.
  2. This is a very stripped version of the documentation. A proper documentation is being worked on right now. If you need help shoot us a question on our forum.

How it works?