Arduino Library to Control the VESC Motorcontrollers
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Arduino Library to Control VESC Motorcontrollers with ESP8266 WiFi chips

This project brings support for VESC Motorcontrollers with ESP8266 boards such as NodeMCU and WeMos. No dependencies are required to use this library.

Libraries and projects that use faraday-motion/vesc
Supported Hardware

Available versions

Stable version

Using the library

  • Install Arduino 1.6.8
  • Go to Arduino libraries directory
  • Clone this repository. Move the 'VESC' directory into the libarries folder
  • Restart Arduino


For minor fixes of code and documentation, go ahead and submit a pull request.

Feature branches with lots of small commits (especially titled "oops", "fix typo", "forgot to add file", etc.) should be squashed before opening a pull request. At the same time, please refrain from putting multiple unrelated changes into a single pull request.