WIP: Convert between different table schema formats (mostly for PostgreSQL to BigQuery transfers)
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dbcrossbar: Tools for converting between database table schemas (WIP)

Build Status

This tool is intended to help convert between schema formats. It's still very incomplete. Right now, dbcrossbar is most useful for moving data from PostgreSQL to Google's BigQuery.

What we currently support

We currently support many small pieces which are helpful when converting from PostgreSQL to BigQuery:

  • Parsing (some) Postgre CREATE TABLE statements, or extracting schemas from information_schema.columns in a running database.
  • Generating SQL to dump a Postgres table as CSV.
  • Generating a "temporary" BigQuery JSON schema allowing the CSV to be loaded into BigQuery.
  • Generating BigQuery SQL to tranform the temporary table into a final table, parsing any data types which can't be directly loaded from SQL.
  • Generating a BigQuery JSON schema for the final table. This isn't normally necessary, but it's nice to have for the sake of completeness.
  • Transforming the schema in several ways.

However, we do not yet have any higher-level interface that just transfers data directly.


# Install Rust compiler.
curl https://sh.rustup.rs -sSf | sh

# Install dbcrossbar.
cargo install -f --git https://github.com/faradayio/dbcrossbar dbcrossbar


Run dbcrossbar --help for more documentation.

# Given a `postgres:` URL, dump a table schema as JSON.
dbcrossbar "$DATABASE_URL#mytable" > schema.json

# Dump a table schema as BigQuery schema JSON.
dbcrossbar "$DATABASE_URL#mytable" -O bq:schema > bigquery-schema.json

# Ditto, but using PostgreSQL `CREATE TABLE` SQL as input.
dbcrossbar -I pg -O bq:schema < table.sql > bigquery-schema.json

# Dump a table schema as quoted PostgreSQL `SELECT ...` arguments.
dbcrossbar "$DATABASE_URL#mytable" -O pg:select > select-args.txt

You can also edit the default schema JSON (generated with no -O flag, or with -O json), and then run it back through to generate another format:

dbcrossbar "$DATABASE_URL#mytable" > schema.json
# (Edit schema.json.)

dbcrossbar -O bq < schema.json > bigquery-schema.json

"Interchange" table schemas

In order to make dbcrossbar work, we define a "interchange" table schema format using JSON. This format uses a highly-simplied and carefully curated set of column data types that make sense when passing data between databases. This represents a compromise between the richness of PostgreSQL data types, and the relative poverty of BigQuery data types, while still preserving as much information as possible. It includes timestamps, geodata, etc.

Seee schema.rs for the details of this "interchange" schema.


For more instructions about building dbcrossbar, running tests, and contributing code, see CONTRIBUTING.md.

We require nightly Rust. We lock a specific version of nightly Rust using the rust-toolchain file. If you want to update this, take a look at Rustup components history and choose the newest version with support for rls, clippy and rustfmt.

Running integration tests

You can run the regular test suite with cargo test, but to run the full integration tests, you'll need to do the following:

# Run a local PostgreSQL on port 5432.
docker run --name postgres -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD= -p 5432:5432 -d postgres
createdb -h localhost -U postgres -w dbcrossbar_test
export POSTGRES_TEST_URL=postgres://postgres:@localhost:5432/dbcrossbar_test

# Point to a Goolge Cloud Storage bucket for which you have write permissions.
export GS_TEST_URL=gs://$MY_TEST_BUCKET/dbcrossbar/

# Run the integration tests.
env RUST_BACKTRACE=1 RUST_LOG=warn,dbcrossbarlib=trace,dbcrossbar=trace \
    cargo test --all -- --ignored