Python database adaptor for MySQL, MariaDB, Drizzle, and other watery databases
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moist is a Python database adaptor for MySQL, MariaDB, and (eventually) Drizzle. It's a continuation of the development fork of MySQLdb, i.e. pre-2.0.

moist is not yet ready for prime-time, and there are likely to be some large structural changes in the near future. Despite this, since it will be DB-API 2.0-compatible, it should still mostly be a drop-in replacement for MySQLdb. Some of the types returned may be different, and if you use custom type conversion, this will change a lot, but you'll like it. Trust me.

moist will require at least Python-2.7 and also be compatible with Python-3.x, but isn't just yet. It should pass all the old unit tests from MySQLdb, but that doesn't mean strange things won't happen if try to use it in code that currently uses MySQLdb. Feel free to try it, and submit patches/pull requests.