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Ag Precision Mapping and Section Control software
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AgOpenGPS **** Guidance software

Discussed in detail

*** Important ****

This software is for discussion and learning of Precision Ag algorithms and techniques. It is not in any way to be used on any physical equipment and is meant for use by a simulator only.

Any use of AgOpenGPS on real physical equipment is not allowed and is not recommended in any way, neither off road or on road.

It is completely unsafe and has no safety limits built in or implied.

AgOpenGPS is strictly an example of C# programming for demonstration purposes only and shall not be used for any other purpose.

Ag Precision Mapping and Section Control Software

This software reads NMEA strings for the purpose of recording and mapping position information for Agricultural use. Also it has up to 12 sections of Section Control to control implements application of product preventing over-application.

Also ouputs Pure pursuit steer angles from reference line for AB line, AB Curve and Contour guidance. Auto Headland called UTurn on Curve and AB Line with loops for narrow equipment

Included is an application, and source folders, ino's for steering and rate control and a built in NMEA simulators.

It has English, German, SPanish, French, italian, Dutch and Russian Language - But haven't been updated in far too long.

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