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Jun 10, 2016


Visualize pacman local database using Vis.js, inspired by pacgraph.

See my blog post for details:


See a live demo at showing database of my arch server.

full zoomin

How to use

Install from AUR using any aurhelper (eg yaourt):

yaourt -S pacvis-git



Then go to http://localhost:8888/ .

You may need to zoom-in initially to see the rendered picture. Currently, we have scalability issue when there are too many packages, so we need a max level to limit the level of dependency depth. We fixed the scalability issue with a modified vis.js, but when there are more than 2000 packages the layout algorithm is still slow (more than 5 mins).

Running from source repo

git clone
cd pacvis
python -m pacvis.pacvis

To be improved ...

  • performance for layout algorithm can be improved
  • we resolve dependency to package name using pyalpm directly now, and this information is lost on the graph
  • we do not track optdepends now we draw optdepends on the graph but not consider them during topology_sort
  • we need to estimate removable size (by pacman -Rcs) done
  • more information from pacman can be integrated
  • search by package name
  • show only part of the packages (like pactree) instead of filtering by levels
  • be visually attractive! applied getmdl theme
  • be compatible with older browsers (Safari, IE)
  • make a python install or PKGBUILD Now on aur
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