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Blaise test May 24, 2010
Draw2DWrapper New ExtJSWrapper and Draw2DWrapper folders May 25, 2010
ExtJSWrapper Updating examples for Ext JS 4.2 Apr 5, 2013
ExtP_Toolkit Fix to ExtP_Proj package so it compiles with Lazarus 1.2.x; no longer… Apr 28, 2014
ExtPascalSamples Updating examples for Ext JS 4.2 Apr 5, 2013
ExtPascalUML Updated ExtPascalSamples.lpi and ExtPascalSamples/ExtPascalSamples_em… May 24, 2010
codepress Enhanced Ajax debugging Sep 1, 2009
docs New doc about Prevalence Jan 13, 2010
images Missing images Mar 23, 2012
BlockSocket.pas FileUpload ok Aug 4, 2009
CGIGateway.dpr Little cleanup May 3, 2010
ExtPascal.dox-express New const IISDelim for IIS bug Jul 23, 2009
ExtPascal.pas Updating examples for Ext JS 4.2 Apr 5, 2013
ExtPascalClasses.pas Garbage collector fix Jul 27, 2010
ExtPascalUtils.pas Updating examples for Ext JS 4.2 Apr 5, 2013
FCGIApp.pas Pragma: no-cache to IE Jul 11, 2011
IdExtHTTPServer.pas SetQueryText fix Jun 15, 2010
Readme.txt Update Readme.txt Apr 18, 2015
Services.pas Some updates for XE3 Mar 22, 2013
Services.res EventLog support for Windows Jun 30, 2008
SocketsDelphi.pas D2009 fixes Apr 12, 2009
UAC.res Vista support Sep 19, 2008
WinSockDelphi.pas D2009 fixes Apr 12, 2009
cgigateway.lpi Lazarus project file for cgigateway.dpr to simplify compiling it. Oct 1, 2012
fcgiapp_pkg.lpk Package for FCGI base files to simplify adding them to FCGI app in La… Sep 29, 2012
fcgiapp_pkg.pas Package for FCGI base files to simplify adding them to FCGI app in La… Sep 29, 2012


Update: 18-Apr-2015
License model changed from BSD To GPLv3

Ext JS wrapper for Object Pascal

0.9.8 Ext JS 3.2.1 support, 03-may-2010

ExtPascal is an Ext JS wrapper. 
ExtPascal lets you use the Ext JS from Object Pascal commands issued by the server using FastCGI or FastCGI thru CGI gateway. 
That brings the structure and strict syntax of the Object Pascal for programming the web browser.

Original Author: Wanderlan Santos dos Anjos.

License: GPLv3
For non-GPL usage a license should be obtained from

0.9.8 Ext JS 3.2.1 support, 03-may-2010

- New ExtJS 3.2.1, 3.2.0, 3.1.1 and 3.1.0 support
- New ExtP Toolkit
- New Fusion Charts support
- New pre-built wrapper units for ExtJS, ExtToPascal is not necessary
- New methods AjaxExtFunction and AjaxForms
- New brMobileSafari browser type
- New ExtPascalSamples refactored
- New DebugExtJS define
- New WebServer property
- New StyleExtObject property in ExtComponent
- New JSDateToDateTime function
- New LineToPixels method
- New TExtThread.SetCSS method
- Updated Cachefly support
- Changed Codepress is now directly below httdocs
- Fixes on 64K limit, it is over
- Fixes for MS-IIS (DataStore.Load and FileUpload) 
- Fixes for Embedded WebServer (Ajax calls, FileUpload and Garbage Collector)
- Fixes for D2009/2010
- Fixes in ErrorMessages
- Fixes on FPC compatibility
- Fixes in CGIGateway, was removing spaces in the input
- Fixes in BeautifyJS
- Fixes in StrToJS
- Fixes in ExtToPascal
- Many other fixes

0.9.7, Draw2D initial support, 07-out-2009

- New Delphi 2010 support
- New Draw2D support
- New ExtJS 2.3.0 support
- New Windows 2003 server support
- New Upload file feature
- New Download file feature
- New TExtObject.JSString method
- New TExtObject.AjaxSelection method
- New TExtObject.MethodURI method
- New TExtThread.Charset property
- New ExtFixes? for ExtChart? support
- Updated ExtP Toolkit
- Enhanced DebugJS define for Firefox
- Fixes on Ajax multiple parameters
- Fixes on Self-Translation
- Fixes for Embedded WebServer
- Fixes for Windows Service mode with FPC
- More and enhanced error messages
- Other minor fixes

0.9.6, Ext JS 3.0.0 support, 13-jul-2009

0.9.5, Ext JS 2.2.1 support, 11-jul-2009, changes:

- Ext JS 2.2.1 support
- Pascal enumerated types support, see ExtFixes.txt for more informations
- PowerPC and Big-endian architectures support
- CacheFly option
- New helper functions SetMargins and SetPaddings
- Ext.ux.form.LovCombo support
- Ext.ux.grid.RecordForm support
- New SetIconCls method
- New properties: ImagePath, ExtBuild, Browser, 
- Improved TRegexp recognition
- Blocksocket fixes
- D2009 support
- New USESPUBLISHED symbol define
- Fixes for IIS
- Configuration and reconfigurantion process based on .INI file
- BeautifyJS/CSS functions for JavaScript debugging
- Embedded WebServer compiling fixed
- Embedded WebServer support for Linux (experimental)
- Fixed Issue 8:  "weird behavior of tab demo"
- Fixed Issue 14: "Ajax param can't be filled by many values which come from single control object"
- New parser to Ext JS 3

0.9.4, CodePress, 28-nov-2008, changes:

- New CodePress widget with Object Pascal syntax highlighting

0.9.3, Bug fix release, 21-nov-2008, changes:

- Fixed double free.

0.9.2, Beta 5 release, 13-nov-2008, changes:

- CHM and HTML help using Doc-O-Matic.
- Embedded WebServer option for Windows using Indy 10 by Vagner.
- Delphi Style event handlers by Vagner.
- Services support for Windows Vista by Patricio.
- Conversion from ISO-8859-1 to UTF8 upon Windows.
- On Linux sources should be UTF8.
- Fix for Response issue pointed by Rovi.
- Fixes for CGIGateway (loading forever issue) and BlockSocket on Linux/MacOS by Bee.
- New TApplication.Icon property.
- New TExtObject.JSExpression method.
- New TExtObject.Delete method.
- Updated TExtObject.Free method.
- New TFCGIThread.QueryAs methods.
- New TFCGIThread.BeforeThreadDestruction method.
- Removed some Ajax restrictions.
- Chars "_" and "|" are not used internally anymore.
- TExtThread.Language is a writeable property now.
- New ExtFixes classes and properties.
- A bunch of fixes and optimizations on Windows and Linux/MacOS platforms.
- Extensive tests (performance, memory use and reliability) upon Windows and Linux by Eneas.
- New performance Notes by Eneas.
- New SimplifiedFlow graph by Rovi
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