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low-level DNS library
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Farsight wdns

wdns is a low-level C library for dealing with wire-format dns packets.

Contact information

Questions about wdns, should be directed to the wdns-dev mailing list:

Building and installing wdns

wdns has the following external dependencies:

On Debian systems, the following packages should be installed, if available:

pkg-config libpcap0.8-dev

Note that on Debian systems, binary packages of wdns are available from a Debian package repository maintained by Farsight Security. These packages should be used in preference to building from source on Debian-based systems.

On FreeBSD systems, the following ports should be installed, if available:


After satisfying the prerequisites, ./configure && make && make install should compile and install libwdns in /usr/local. If building from a git checkout, run the ./ command first to generate the configure script.


C language examples are in the examples/ directory.

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