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MATLAB C++ Protocol Buffer
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protobuf-matlab - FarSounder's Protobuf compiler for Matlab
Copyright 2011 FarSounder, Inc.


This package provides a Matlab code generator for version 2.4.1 of Google's
Protocol Buffers compiler (protoc) as well as support libraries for the
generated Matlab code.

Building protoc with Matlab support

1. Get the protobuf source:
   svn co protobuf

2. Get the protobuf-matlab source:
   git clone

3. Add the protobuf-matlab src files to the Google Protobuf src:
   cp -r protobuf-matlab/src protobuf

4. Compile the modified protobuf project.

This should yield a protoc executable with a --matlab_out option. You can now
use protoc to generate Matlab reading and writing code for your .proto file(s).

Matlab support library setup

In order to use the generated Matlab code, you'll need to add the protobuflib
directory to your Matlab path. protobuflib is a collection of .m utility files
used by the generated code.
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