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This is my first fork and pull request, so I hope I did everything correctly.

Added a few more functions, by hand, from the documentation. Didn't quite know what to do with ALC and extensions, so I just left them out for now. I removed types so I don't have to type as as much. I think this is not supposed to be that way, but I'm too afraid of opening an issue atm:

if (state& as Int == AL_STOPPED as Int)

If there's something (or all of it) wrong, let me know.


Well this, looks good, but I'm wondering why you needed to remove the types.

In theory, covers from "a numeric type" should have worked as well. Especially, if state is an ALint* and AL_STOPPED is an ALint


I only know that I had to change that above line from crowbarcentral-vorbis-openal to make it work with the current version of rock. Otherwise I'd get the error Invalid comparison between operands of type ALint and ALint.

It's not a big thing to add the types back, but I don't see why we need them.


Okay, well that was definitely a rock bug and I'd like to see it fixed, but until then I'll merge that. Thanks!

@nddrylliog nddrylliog merged commit 4e01f2b into fasterthanlime:master May 25, 2011
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