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  • Note: Previous fastlane 2.0 compatible releases were removed due to cyclic dependency errors
  • This release is only compatible with fastlane 2.0. To continue using fastlane 1, please use older releases
  • Calling <tool-name> from the commandline is now deprecated. Please use fastlane <tool-name> instead.

@milch milch released this Dec 15, 2016

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Fixed getting version number for fastlane 2.0

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  • Fix error in bash syntax (#7302)
  • Update internal dependencies (#7247)
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  • Update internal dependencies (#7208)
  • Fix overwriting WKBundleIdentifier when using wildcard provisioning profile (#7110)
  • Call expand_path on provisioning_profile during resign (#7004)
  • Deprecate SIGH_UDID in favor of corrected SIGH_UUID (#7028)
  • Add short option for --force (#6797)
  • Update team selection and documentation across all fastlane tools (#6444)
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  • D't show error message when importing provisioning profile
  • Version bump dependencies on fastlane_core and spaceship (#6407)

@KrauseFx KrauseFx released this Sep 21, 2016

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Fix file name when downloading Ad Hoc profiles

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  • Update sigh to lazy load certificates and devices to fix performance issues with the new API 🚀
  • Add support for running sigh adhoc, sigh appstore and sigh development without having to use a flag
  • Add detection of conflicting parameters
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  • Improve output on which provisioning file are being skipped
  • Update spaceship to work with the new Apple Developer Portal API
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  • Update spaceship to work with the latest Dev Portal changes
  • Update internal dependencies (#6104)
  • Fix Info.plist key in option description (#6086)
  • Escape . in KEY for use in plutil (#6067)