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fastlane Core Contributor Expectations

We believe that our most valuable resource is the passionate community members who keep fastlane running. We are always looking for active, enthusiastic members of the fastlane community to become core contributors. We hope to harness the diverse experiences of our community to optimize fastlane as the defacto tool to deploy betas and releases for iOS and Android apps.

How does one become a core contributor?

Contributors who have displayed lasting commitment to the evolution and maintenance of fastlane will be invited to become core contributors. For instance, contributors who:

  • Love to help out other users with issues on GitHub
  • Continue to make fastlane a stable product and encourage features aligned with the fastlane vision

As core contributors, we:

  • Review pull requests using the "Review Changes" feature in GitHub
  • Merge pull requests we review, except for PRs where the author has push access. Push access to fastlane repos is noted in GitHub with the Member tag. Merge PRs using the "Squash and Merge" feature in GitHub
  • Respond to issues and help others
  • Own regressions caused by our own contributions and PR approvals
  • Maintain consistent coding standards
  • Inform maintainers when critical fixes are merged so a release can be prepared
  • Identify other fastlane community members who would be effective core contributors
  • Make fastlane the best open source tool and community out there

While doing these things, we make sure to:

  • Ensure that new contributions fit into the fastlane vision
  • Adhere to the fastlane Code of Conduct
  • Maintain backwards compatibility
  • Keep external dependencies to a minimum
  • Keep test coverage high and ensure up-to-date documentation

Pull Request Ownership:

We work in a high-trust environment which implies that anyone and everyone is able to merge pull requests from the community. If the PR reviewer feels strongly about seeing a PR to completion, they should assign it to themselves and request necessary changes.

Adding Dependencies:

We want to keep fastlane slim and robust. Please avoid adding new dependencies to the code base unless it is necessary. In the event that a PR does add a dependency, please ping a member of the fastlane team to approve the pull request.

Being friendly and supportive

Most Importantly, our community prides itself in our supportive and friendly attitude. Above all else, we are always:

  • Polite
  • Friendly
  • Having fun
  • Encouraging the use of emojis 🚀