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janpio and joshdholtz Add 4K Apple TV screenshot dimensions (#13939)
also add a few comments, an resort values
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.assets Update Gemfile referenced from CONTRIBUTING (#8318) Feb 21, 2017
.circleci Parallelize CI (#11456) Jan 23, 2018
.github Improve GitHub bug report issue template (#13976) Jan 2, 2019
bin [core] revert bootsnap to fix brew install (#13525) Oct 12, 2018
cert add option in cert for giving a specific output filename (#12048) Apr 16, 2018
credentials_manager Make CredentialsManager output more Windows friendly (#13154) Aug 21, 2018
deliver Add 4K Apple TV screenshot dimensions (#13939) Jan 18, 2019
fastlane Version bump to 2.114.0 (#14073) Jan 17, 2019
fastlane_core [match] fix/improve import keys/certificates now showing UI permissio… Jan 16, 2019
frameit [deliver,frameit] frame latest iOS devices, skip uploading iPhone61 (#… Jan 17, 2019
gym [Improvement] Filter out non-xcodeproj files from the list returned b… Jul 30, 2018
match [match] fix/improve import keys/certificates now showing UI permissio… Jan 16, 2019
pem Removed unused Fastfile in pem folder (#12385) Apr 26, 2018
pilot [spaceship] replace post_for_testflight_review with new public API (#… Dec 17, 2018
precheck [precheck] Allow mentioning Google Drive (#13754) Nov 24, 2018
produce [produce] Allow to enable/disable `access_wifi` service (#13552) Jan 17, 2019
rakelib Add parentheses for all method calls (#11474) Jan 9, 2018
rubocop Add custom rubocop to check fork usage (#11502) Jan 9, 2018
scan [scan] Use slack action to post scan test results (#13791) Jan 17, 2019
screengrab [screengrab] Update Android Library to API level 28 (#13231) Jan 9, 2019
sigh [action] sigh resign: Fix `keychain_path` parameter and output bug (#… Jan 16, 2019
snapshot [Swift] Fix Snapshot simulator launch arguments are empty by default (#… Jan 16, 2019
spaceship [spaceship] Retry request when App Store Connect raises Bad Gateway (#… Jan 17, 2019
supply [supply] Add option to pass version codes to retain (#14035) Jan 16, 2019
.gitignore [action] crashlytics action handles user set crashlytics path better … Jul 13, 2018
.hound.yml Switched to fastlane mono repo Mar 7, 2016
.rspec Setting --default-path for rspec and made all testing directions accu… Dec 20, 2016
.rubocop.yml [match] update `fastlane match init` to support Google Cloud Storage (#… Jan 7, 2019
.yardopts Add simple yardopts to generate yardoc indexes (#12145) Mar 23, 2018
Brewfile Add Brewfile Feb 2, 2017
CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md Update code of conduct to use HTTPs (#11862) Feb 16, 2018
CONTRIBUTING.md Update URLs to new docs page (#10648) Oct 24, 2017
CORE_CONTRIBUTOR.md Fix typos and whitespace errors (#10690) Oct 25, 2017
Dangerfile Add parentheses for all method calls (#11474) Jan 9, 2018
Gemfile [core] revert bootsnap to fix brew install (#13525) Oct 12, 2018
LICENSE Update license copyright to "the fastlane authors" (#9274) May 30, 2017
README.md Version bump to 2.114.0 (#14073) Jan 17, 2019
Rakefile Add powerivq to RubyGems permission list (#13481) Oct 2, 2018
RespondingToIssuesAndPullRequests.md Add small documentation fixes (#12266) Apr 9, 2018
Testing.md Testing.md: Add information what to put in Gemfile in this file inste… Aug 21, 2018
ToolsAndDebugging.md [docs] Improve instructions for using Charles to debug spaceship (#13890 Dec 13, 2018
VISION.md Add support for multiple storage and encryption providers to fastlane… Oct 10, 2018
YourFirstPR.md Ensure the correct formatting of the fastlane tools (#11868) Feb 18, 2018
appveyor.yml [CI/Appveyor] cleaner way to install iconv on Windows (#13191) Aug 27, 2018
dependencyci.yml Create dependencyci.yml (#7702) Jan 3, 2017
fastlane.gemspec Version bump to 2.114.0 (#14073) Jan 17, 2019
spec_helper.rb update xcodeproj gem to 1.6.0 (#13253) Aug 30, 2018
team.json Update team.json to fix Andrew McBurney's GitHub handle. (#13615) Nov 2, 2018


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fastlane is a tool for iOS and Android developers to automate tedious tasks like generating screenshots, dealing with provisioning profiles, and releasing your application.

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fastlane tracks a few key metrics to understand how developers are using the tool and to help us know what areas need improvement. No personal/sensitive information is ever collected. Metrics that are collected include:

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  • A salted hash of the app identifier or package name, which helps us anonymously identify unique usage of fastlane

You can easily opt-out of metrics collection by adding opt_out_usage at the top of your Fastfile or by setting the environment variable FASTLANE_OPT_OUT_USAGE. Check out the metrics code on GitHub


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All fastlane docs were moved to docs.fastlane.tools