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Getting Started with the Fastweed Marketplace

What is the Fastweed Marketplace?

The Fastweed Marketplace is a free platform for vendors to advertise and sell their legal cannabis-related products and for customers to browse and purchase those products.

How it Works

Due to restrictions on shipping in the United States, all product results are filtered by your location. Therefore all the results you will see will be local to you and are available for Store Pickup or for Local Delivery.

Finding Products

There are multiple ways to find products:

Using the Search Bar
  • Type in the search bar what you are looking for to find relevant products across all categories.
By Category
  • Choose the category on the left navigation pane and we show you the products closest to your location by default. If you have selected a specific vendor using the Store Finder tool, we will show you the selected vendor’s products first.
By Vendor Collection
  • You can view all the products offered by a particular vendor by clicking the Sold By link on the product page.

Store Pickup or Local Delivery

Vendors offer their products for Store Pickup and/or for Local Delivery. When browsing category and search pages, you are able to filter results to show only the products that are available for store pickup or local delivery, whatever you prefer. Both options are displayed by default of course. On the product, cart, and checkout pages, you will be able to see which products are available for store pickup and/or for local delivery as well.

Medical or Recreational

You can also filter products based on which products are available for medical patients and for recreational patients.

Same Product, Different Sellers

On the product page, you can see all the available vendors who carry that product in your area and you can compare prices. Many products are available through multiple vendors so we’ve made it easier for you to get the best deal around.

Place your Order

You can place your order online via or offline by contacting the vendor yourself. All transactions placed on the Fastweed Marketplace are currently completed using a cash on delivery or store credit payment method. Therefore, all transactions are settled between the vendor and the customer directly. Vendors and customers are responsible for complying with any and all regulations. Fastweed takes no responsibility for dealings between vendors and customers.


After you have completed your order, you can leave feedback about the order and/or the vendor.

User Guides

Vendor Documentation

  • Use the Vendor Documentation if you would like to register as a vendor to sell your products on the Fastweed Marketplace.

Customer Documentation


Please send questions, comments, or concerns to We also like to hear any praise, criticism, feature requests, or simply what’s on your mind using our incoming support line at (855) FAST-POT.