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Go tool to walk & rewrite AST
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This project is archived and not maintained. There is a better implementation and solution in the package that you can use.

astrewrite GoDoc Build Status

astrewrite provides a Walk() function, similar to ast.Inspect() from the ast package. The only difference is that the passed walk function can also return a node, which is used to rewrite the parent node. This provides an easy way to rewrite a given ast.Node while walking the AST.


package main

import (


func main() {
	src := `package main

type Foo struct{}`

	fset := token.NewFileSet()
	file, err := parser.ParseFile(fset, "foo.go", src, parser.ParseComments)
	if err != nil {

	rewriteFunc := func(n ast.Node) (ast.Node, bool) {
		x, ok := n.(*ast.TypeSpec)
		if !ok {
			return n, true

		// change struct type name to "Bar"
		x.Name.Name = "Bar"
		return x, true

	rewritten := astrewrite.Walk(file, rewriteFunc)

	var buf bytes.Buffer
	printer.Fprint(&buf, fset, rewritten)
	// Output:
	// package main
	// type Bar struct{}
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